Saturday, September 7, 2013

1st Impressions: ETERNAL WARRIOR # 1

Written by Greg Pak
Art by Trevor Hairsine & Brian Reber
Valiant Comics

                We open with Gilad preparing to fight against the legions of warriors that fight for the dark god Nergal. Gilad’s daughter, Xaran  and, his son,  Mitu. Against her father’s wishes, Xaran ends up fighting. Honestly, anything else would be a spoiler. So, yeah.

                Trevor Hairsine gives some of the most energetic pencils and inks in his career in this first issue. There is a great amount of detail, both on the characters and backgrounds.  Hairsine does not shy away from body types and sizes either, as we see women, children and men in this first issue; all with great porportions.
                The rough pencils and inks works for the story and the character, the Eternal Warrior. The fighting is brutal, ugly and grim; which Hairsine has no problem reflecting in his work.  Reber presents to us with harsher colors that are gritty. It helps enhance the battles and overall mood of the story. Reber makes sure to give great tones to add a more Earth-y tone to them.  And it complements Hairsine’s work really well.
                There were a couple of panels where I felt that the colors were a little muted but, overall, it was a great showing from Hairsine & Reber.

                Pak has always been a writer that seems to really bring out personal interest into battles and characters by giving strong ties to the main character and his supporting cast. And he uses that formula, in a slightly different way, with this opening issue. Pak gives us a very personal framework to use to re-introduce you to Gilad by giving him other family members; his children, Mitu and Xaran. Both of them seem to add a different dynamic to Gilad that we hadn’t really seen much of save for his recent appearance in X-O Manowar.
                Xaran is already an interesting new member to Gilad’s long mythos. Pak makes this issue run smoothly through its story. Providing a vital point in Gilad’s life as to why he became the way he is now. The story runs at a fantastic pace. The characterizations feel real. Plus, the use of Nergal was great; adding a major rogue to Gilad’s gallery. The interesting turns of this issue felt natural with a chiffhanger ending that will make you wanting more.  A fantastic job by Pak.

                While the colors were a little too light at some points, overall, this book was solid from start to finish. Great, gripping art. Wonderful story that is relatable yet fantastic at the same time. Good use of the main character and creating his supporting cast. Excellent pacing and a great finish that leaves you wanting more.


                Eternal Warrior #1 gets a 9 out of 10. A great job with the book.  

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