Sunday, September 1, 2013

Match of the Month #4: Lego Deathmatch

I know what you're thinking, a lego deathmatch? That's real? Yyyyup and we have Inter Species Wrestling to thank for that. Also, this isn't JUST a lego death match but a fans bring the lego death match.

I honestly don't know too much about the participants other than Stinky the Homeless Guy was an awesome wrestler before he died due to cancer and now every year the promotion helps put on a show known as "Fighting Back: Wrestling With Cancer" in his honor. From what my Wrestle-Cast partner, Matty Jay, has told me he was damn good and this match does nothing to disprove that.

All of the back story of why this match is happening is filled in quite well by the commentary team so yay, there's something I don't have to do. Speaking of them, they're quite hilarious. If you've ever watched PWG then you'll like this a lot. Also, not PG. At all.

Without further delay, here's is your FANS BRING THE LEGO DEATH MATCH between Flip and Stinky the Homeless Guy from ISW "4 Years of This?!" in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

You can buy "4 Years of This?!" here:

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