Monday, September 9, 2013

Straight Forward Reviews: Archer and Armstrong issue 13

So I punched my best friend in the face and then... Oh wait, this is a review. But if you read the latest issue of Archer and Armstrong you'll understand that first line. So what's going on in the Faraway this time? Are they going to finally leave?

Review by Jeremias de León


This issue reaches the climax of the struggles in the Faraway and leads into the next story arc. General Redacted's forces are regrouping Archer and Ivar, Armstrong's brother are trying to regroup with Armstrong and Mary-Maria.

We see a satisfying close to the conflict with Redacted and we see a nice transition to a new set of problems.

The dialog, even with the extreme fantastical elements of the Faraway, are pretty believable. Near the end of the issue especially. Everybody has been in or has known someone in a situation like that. Maybe without stepping foot in a land of flying saucers but we all know about those kinds of situations. Although it was believable some of the dialog near the end had me questioning things though, but when you read it and think of the character's mindsets it makes sense.


The art is nothing short of gorgeous. There were some pages where there's a zoom out showing the scenery and I had to pause and just take a couple extra minutes to soak in the details and beautiful color work of the panels.


This issue of Archer and Armstrong has a nice climactic battle and a good transition to the next big chain of events. It still hasn't lost it's comedy touch, and the action scenes in this issue have stepped up from the already impressive action of the previous issue. The high of the previous issue didn't fully come over to this one and the ending though it makes sense was still a little questionable in my eyes, this is a hugely entertaining comic and I give it a 9 out of 10.

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