Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Straight Forward Reviews: Executive Assistant Assassins #15

We're back in the world of the Executive Assistants and this time we're looking at the new girl Daisy. Who has had quite the story so far. Does it keep up the intrigue? We'll find out.

Writer - Vince Hernandez

Artist - Lori "Cross" Hanson 

Publisher - Aspen

Review by Jeremias de Leon 


Things come full circle as the origins of what made Daisy the person she is currently. In the issue we see a lot more inner monologue than dialog as Daisy starts to realize and accept who she is. There's also plenty of stealth action, so even though she isn't technically a ninja, one could say you get plenty of ninja action in this issue. Without any spoilers I'll also add that you see she really is about all the things she says in her first issue. She does one thing that really drives that home.


Daisy herself always looks, to speak plainly, darn cool. No matter what she's doing she has style and even at some points looks intimidating. The action in the book looks great too. Blood spurts and punches all look like they're really gruesome and the moves and weapons the characters use look like they're thrown with deadly intentions. If I had to choose one issue I read this year so far to make into a motion comic or an animation, it would be this one.


The writing in this issue is pretty solid. What shines especially are Daisy's inner thoughts. When you read the things she thinks to herself during the issue you really get why she says what she says at the end of the issue. You may not think it was right, actually, I'm pretty sure you won't think it was right and that she might need to be locked up. But you can buy that she really believes what she's doing and that it's who she really is.

The art as mentioned is really solid, and the action sequences are cool, again if you like ninjas, or stealth video games, you'll like what's in this issue.

I give Executive Assistant Assassins #15 a 9.5 out of 10.

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