Monday, September 30, 2013

Straight Forward Reviews : Quantum and Woody issue 4

Quantum and Woody is back with more antics and we're back with another Straight Forward Review.

Writer - James Asmus

Artist - Tom Fowler

Publisher - Valiant

Review by Jeremias de Leon


Quantum tracked down an ERA base to find out more about what happened with his father, while Woody is hanging around in front of the mysterious Crone. There's still good amounts of comedy but this issue focuses on fleshing out the backstory of what the ERA is and what exactly happened with Quantum and Woody's dad. 

There's also something mysterious that appears for now to at least not be an enemy that the rest of ERA is terrified of. Something to possibly become a big plot point in the next few issues.


The art in this book is pretty lively. Considering that the book is mainly a comedy one the fact that every character looks a little exaggerated when moving and that some characters have exaggerated features works really well in this issue. 

During parts that act as flashbacks during the issue there is a color overtone for whoever is speaking and that's a cool thing to do too. Overall the art is where it needs to be for the antics going on this issue.


First off the writing in this issue is phenomenal, the dialog is a blast to read. Reading about the backstory of ERA and the brothers' dad was great too, and it really makes me want to see what else they learn about him and about their powers. As already mentioned the art is good in this issue and some of the gags, like the one with an ERA member and his body, made me laugh out loud. This comic is seriously funny and seriously entertaining I give this a wholehearted 9.5 out of 10.

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