Sunday, September 15, 2013

Straight Forward Reviews: X-O Manowar issue 17

X-O Manowar is back in the Straight Forward eye of scrutiny. Last issue saw some nice tension building and was a worthy buy. Is this issue worth looking at too or is it a skip?

Review by Jeremias de León

Publisher Valiant Comics

Writer Robert Venditti

Artist Lee Garbett


This issue starts off at a slower pace than the last one with Aric and his people starting to live on Earth. There's a nice contrast being shown throughout the issue of what Aric is going through and what his subjects are going through. The dialog in this issue comes off as pretty natural for the people Aric rules over. You really do feel that they're from another time and place when they interact with normal society.

There's also the buildup to what Valiant has been promoting with Aric and pretty much the rest of the Valiant universe. We see what some of Aric's subjects do when they decide to act on their own and the tension between the world governments and Aric building.


The art has this very nice style to it that makes it look like each panel caught a moment. The line art pulls of flowing hair and wrinkling clothes and curling facial expressions beautifully. Every panel really did look like a snapshot.


Although the taking a break in action is a fine thing to do for character development and for plot details to pop up, I felt like it took a little too much time on Aric's random subordinates who think they shouldn't be farming. I know it was there for a very important reason, I just felt like it could have been about 2 or 3 pages less about them and that those 2 or 3 pages could have been used showing the tension growing with Aric and the world governments.

Other than that it's a fantastic issue, not everything can be just flat out action and they did the right thing slowing things down to develop things. I just felt somethings could have used more developing and other things didn't need as much. I give X-O Manowar an 8.5 out of 10. Still a very worthy buy.

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