Sunday, September 1, 2013

Straight Forward Reviews : XO Manowar issue 16

Aric of Dacia has freed his people and has his revenge on his captors. What will he do now? Not that I'll tell you exactly since this is spoiler free. But I will tell you if it's worth picking up!

Review by Jeremias de Leon


In a very short, I'm going to leave out a lot of details summary: the story sees Aric and Eternal Warrior relationship expanded upon a bit. There's fighting between the two, there's some story focusing on what Aric is going to decide to do now that the threat of the Vine is behind him and there's a glimpse into what the rest of the world that sees him as a threat are planning.

The story actually moved along well this issue. This issue is more about the psychology of the characters rather than any specific events or plans and they do a nice job of conveying all these different things about them, mainly Aric though.

There's also the dialog between Aric and Eternal Warrior about their different ideologies and it's very interesting. Whether you're a martial artist or psychology major or just someone who likes to ponder about human nature, it's actually something worth thinking about. No complaints about the writing here.


Though it's been a little while since I last reviewed an X-O Manowar book I do remember my comments about the different artists who's been on the book since the Valiant relaunch. I was basically saying that X-O Manowar had my top 3 favorite sequential art. It's even better this time around. The action in this issue is so visceral and has such a great feeling of motion that I have to say it's still in my top 3 most well drawn comics. It had me stopping in awe to look at some panels over and over again.


X-O Manowar starts an extremely big event in Valiant's universe and from the beginning to the end of the book you get that perfect feeling of tension and stakes and just what kind of consequences we can expect that it's hard not to say pick up this book. Matter of fact I can't find any reason to not say pick up this book. X-O Manowar issue 16 gets a 9.5 out of 10.

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