Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Vampire Vixens of the Wehrmacht Fight For Freedom

Vampire Vixens of the Wehrmacht is an all action horror comic riddled with bullets and drenched in  blood but with it’s tongue planted firmly in it’s cheek.

It’s the early stages of WW2 and the SS Occult division have unearthed a coven of Vampire women entombed within a subterranean church in north Africa.
Have the Nazis discovered the ultimate super soldier?
Sexy, ruthless, deadly and immortal, could these vampires be the ‘Guardians of Ultima Thule’ the  legendary keepers of the Aryan bloodline?

Before the Nazis can put their undead secret weapons to use, British agents from MI6 kidnap one of these women back to England.  With the help of mystic Aleister Crowley they turn this hell spawn woman to fight for King and Country.
Teamed with a bad tempered Army Chaplain, the Vamp and the clergyman are sent back into Germany to engage the Nazi Occult division and by the bullet or the Bible, send the Devil worshipping Nazis to Hell!

The  Vampire Vixens of the Wehrmacht at this moment is only internationally via mail order, with the final price dependent on postage costs to customer´s country. The comic itself is £5 UK.

To request further information, an interview or a review copy of the book, please contact us directly at vampirevixens@outlook.com

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Alex Roland
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