Thursday, October 31, 2013

1st Impression: THE FINAL PLAGUE # 3 Review

Written by JD Arnold
Art by Tony Guaraldi-Brown
Action Lab: Danger Zone

                We open back in Jersey as Captain Stroeman gets into interesting developments in the lab as Francine, who was bitten last issue, ends up eating part of a dead doctor. This causes the captain, Dr. Friedman and the others to subdue and study her. Things get overly insane as Robert and his family go to the hospital to check out his wounds from the earlier attacks. This leads to a shocking announcement by the CDC … that 11 people were infected by the diseased animals.
                Another duo of characters go into the woods only to find something they were not looking for and finally, Friedman’s research ends up giving some shocking results.

                Guaraldi-Brown really does a spectacular job this issue with giving the right mood and horrifying visuals of the book. The opening pages are lightly gruesome and only get worse as it goes on ahead. The panel work is amazing as each picture conveys the right amount of story without Arnolds words; as well as looking wonderful with its watercolor like palette. The water colors and whites give a great texture to the work.
                The people in the book are of all shapes and sizes and convey emotion well; even though this is not your normal comic book style. Guaraldi-Brown leaves a stunning impact with his work in each page with a good amount of detail, texture and flair.

                Arnold continues to raise the stakes. The characters are now knee deep in some really disturbing territory as the diseased is announced by the CDC. Arnold gives us some great narrative at the beginning of the book from Captain Stroeman. What I love about this is that while the animals seem zombie-like … the humans infected look more … enraged. Yes, there are zombie elements but there is a time limit it on that, supposedly.
                Arnold also takes the time to pull the heart strings this issue with the focus back on Robert and his family. The scenes in the hospital with not only Robert’s family but also the policemen felt very authentic. There was a lot of tension with those scenes as well as a good amount of paranoia. Kudos to Arnold for capturing the human condition in such a situation so well. It added even more layers to this wonderfully constructed story.  While this issue may look very wordy, it does fit the need of the story and adds to the ambiance of the book.

                This book continues to make me feel unclean and now … a bit paranoid. This book is ever gripping with captivating art and entrancing story.


                I give The Final Plague # 3 a 10 out of 10. HAPPY HALLOWEEN ALL. BUY IT NOW!!

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