Tuesday, October 1, 2013

1st Impression: SHADOWMAN # 11

Written by Jim Zub
Art by Miguel Sepulveda & Brian Reber
Valiant Comics


                It’s Halloween in the Big Easy as a group of men get ridiculously drunk and, eventually, get possessed by some evil spirits. Jack’s personal life continues to suffer as he jumps into action against these possessed men. But it turns worse when the possessed men end up in New Orleans’ Halloween Parade , which is being hosted by Dr. Mirage.

                The book is nothing short of gorgeous. Sepulveda’s clean  and detailed style really works well as we get very detailed backgrounds, people of different sizes and colors and beings have expression.  There is a great amount of fluid motion that is captured with Sepulveda’s art that just makes the book a real treat to behold. Reber’s colors only add to the amazing pencils and inks that Sepulveda put in to this issue as it fit the very holiday that it is celebrating; dark, wicked yet festive. The oranges and blacks are well used this issue to give a great atmosphere. Overall, this art team did a solid job.

                This is Zub’s first (and possibly only) issue of Shadowman.  Yet, Zub does a great job of capturing our main hero’s current struggle with his destiny and his real life. We got more layers of Jack as he went to face off against the spirits … only to have a bit more of a problem than he bargained for. And I love that fact. Jack is STILL very new to all this and Zub points that out well; making sure that Jack has an air of experience around him while still playing the inexperience Jack is coping with.
                The addition of Dr. Mirage was very well used and Zub, seemingly, got more into the character than the previous writer did in this one issue. Definitely get a very good look at Dr. Mirage this issue and it was refreshing. The demons themselves mirrored their hosts; which made the possession a good fit. The book has good pacing and it used the knowledge of Halloween compared to Voodoo as a good way to establish a little background. Zub writes a strong issue here.

                Zub writes a good Shadowman but an even better Dr. Mirage.  The story was good. The art was fantastic. I liked this issue and wish we were getting more from this creative team.


                I give SHADOWMAN # 11 a  9 out of 10. Pick it up when it hits stores tomorrow.

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