Wednesday, October 30, 2013

1st Impressions: ALL NEW FATHOM # 3 Review

Written by David Wohl & Frank Mastromauro
Art by Alex Konat, Mark Roslan, Beth Sotelo & John Starr
Aspen Comics

                Aspen goes to Siphon to talk about what’s been doing on, running into Killian. Yet, Killian seems oddly detached since the events of “The Elite Saga”, which troubles Aspen. As she tries to just deliver her news and go, Siphon insists she joins them in investigating. Meanwhile, a giant ice pillar has surfaced in the middle of the Grand Canyon as Chance’s plane is going straight towards it. Finally, we see more of what is going on with Vana’s “daughter.”

                Konat and Roslan, once again, deliver a visually breath taking issue. There is wonderful detail in all the characters to make them distinct. There are people of different sizes and colors that are rendered well. Konat and Roslan also give some immersive backgrounds that just pop out at you. Panel composition was solid. And the colors by Sotelo and Starr continue to make this book look amazing. Konat and Roslan seem to hit their stride here as every last detail of this book is a feast for the eyes. Really strong amazing work.

                Wohl and Mastromauro pen a solid issue. The pacing of the issue was very static with very little occurring in terms of action, save for the plane, but that was a good thing. We got a chance to see Chance shine, which we have not in some time. Meanwile, the majority of the issue is used for character development. We get more of an idea of the Blue now ruled by Siphon. We also get some great character bits by the “Princess” and Killian. Aspen, even though she is observing what’s going on for most of the issue, goes through some character development herself. She did not want to go back and investigate but she is dragged in anyway. And she seems to be taking a close look at Killian’s actions as well as her powers compared to his. Wohl and Mastromauro make sure that we feel what Aspen feels; that something is up with Killian. This other mystery on top of everything else is starting to mount tension and impact for what’s to come. Smart writing by the duo.  And while this issue did not blow me away in terms of events, I do appreciate the character development taking place.


                This didn’t send me to the moon but it was a strong, character issue. The art is amazing. The pacing is good. The events are as big as they felt the last 2 issues but they didn’t need to be. I enjoyed the issue.

                I give ALL NEW FATHOM # 3 an 8 out of 10. 

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