Friday, October 4, 2013

Comic News: Lunita Shines Over Amigo

Lunita Shines Over Amigo

October 2012
Hola amigos! This November Lunita will be waiting for you on the shelves of your local store. For what reason you shouldn't miss the date? AMIGO gives you 5: 
Drugs, witches, D.E.A. agents, kittens.
Do you want some more? Ok, we also have some sirens, but not the lovely Ariel kind of siren from Disney’s legacy. After reading Lunita you are bound to rethink what you know about sirens. There is also the Basajaun, a creature from Basque mythology dwelling in the woods, protecting the forests, a true Lord of the savage.
Lunita, the next modern adult fantasy book from writer and publisher Xavier Morell with exquisite artwork by Sergi San Julian, a well-known European artist in France, Germany and Spain.
Really? you gonna miss it? Do not dare!
Learn more at Amigo website.

Lunita's Shinning Art

Go check the awesome art by Sergi San Julian


  • We are in CBR! Chris Arrant at ROBOT 6 in the wonderful website Comic Book Resources,talks about the upcoming series LUNITA!
  • Bleeding Cool spreads the word about LUNITA. Nice title: "Under a Spanish Moon". 
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