Saturday, October 26, 2013

Match of the Month #5: Tag Team Action

       I've noticed in most of these posts that I haven't been giving the fans of tag team wrestling their fix so I'm here to remedy that right now. This match comes to you from CHIKARA Pro. This promotion (or former if the ending of their last ippv is to be believed) focuses on a mix of lucha libre/comedy style. If you have ever heard of the infamous "invisible grenade" spot, this is where it came from. Oh and CHIKARA had fighting ice cream cones years before Pokemon did. Anyways, on to the participants.

      First off we have Nick and Matt Jackson: The Young Bucks. You may know them better as Max and Jeremy Buck aka Generation Me from TNA. Yeah, those were all terrible names. Regardless of what you call them, they are one of the top tag teams in the world and seeing them in action only furthers the claim. These guys have absolutely fantastic double team maneuvers and not only that, but just the way they execute them is amazing.

      The second team is one that is the definition of cult favorite. It's Fire Ant and Soldier Ant: The Colony. Yes, they are wrestling ants and they are awesome. Remember when I said that CHIKARA was lucha/comedy? Nothing represents that better than The Colony. When you think of someone working their gimmick, few do it better than Soldier Ant as you will see during this match. 

      This tag team bout is from CHIKARA's first iPPV High Noon and is actually the 1st match from the show. THIS IS THE YOUNG BUCKS VS THE COLONY!!!

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