Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Novel News: Brains Have Never Been This Sexy in Fifty Shades of Brains

Brains have never been this sexy or … tasty.
Fifty Shades of Brains officially launches
(September 30, 2013) What do you get when a comic-loving librarian and a professional smartass team up to poke fun at an erotic bestseller? Fifty Shades of Brains, a smart, snide and completely sick zombie apocalypse send-up of Fifty Shades of Grey. The soft launch occurred this summer to ensure that EVERYONE had a chance to get the book for Halloween.  The first fifteen chapters can be read for free at www.fiftyshadesofbrains.com. Digital copies of the book are available via the Kindle, Nook, and the Kobo store. DRM free copies area available via Gumdrop. Print editions can be ordered from INGRAM.

About Fifty Shades of Brains: Written under the pen name BF Dealeo, Fifty Shades of Brains tells the story of Aurora Foyle, a self-conscious, oversexed Survival School student who becomes enamored with Seattle's premiere zombie hunter, Caligula Green. Intense, intelligent and incredibly perverse, Green takes Aurora on as his apprentice – both in bed and on the zombie-filled backstreets of the city. Will our heroine find true love in the arms of the controlling, charismatic Green? Will Seattle’s socks-and-sandal-wearing zombies destroy its lovingly-tended pea patches? Will Aurora ever stop biting her lip and blushing? You’ll have to crawl between the covers to find out.
Dark, droll and delightfully depraved, Fifty Shades of Brains will amuse you, disgust you and it just might eat your face.
Early Reviews:
Gross, funny, and, god help me, a little bit sexy. Just what my inner surrealist was looking for. I haven't read that other Fifty Shades book, but now I feel like I don't have to.” -- GoodReads.com
"Fifty Shades hysteria + zombie apocalypse = hell yes! My grey matter sort of exploded all over the brilliance of this mashup." --Jennifer Worick, New York Times-bestselling author of more than 25 books, including Things I Want to Punch in the Face

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