Monday, November 25, 2013

1st Impression: ALL NEW FATHOM # 4

Written by David Wohl & Frank Mastromauro
Art by Cory Smith, Alex Konat, Mark Roslan & Peter Steigerwald
Aspen Comics

                This issue starts to get into the meat and potatoes of the story as we open with some more startling effects of Vana’s plan hitting all around the world. Aspen goes to get help from the Human-Blue Relations office. Yet, Aspen finds that to be a bust till an old friend appears. Meanwhile, Killian goes with some troops to confront Vana.

                This issue was split between Konat and Smith on pencils. And overall, it is a solidly drawn issue. Smith’s slightly less detailed style seems a bit of a speed  bump in terms of visual changes but it works. The panels are detailed. The backgrounds are full of life. Killian’s scenes were handled by Smith, who does a great job with them. Konat delivers on his pages like always. There was great panel composition, human expression. While Konat’s lines and inking seems a bit cleaner (inking his pages was Roslan), Smith’s inks really work with the heavier inks, as his portions were definitely the “darker” part of the story. Besides the two styles feeling like they don’t complement each other at first, they actually work well together by the end of the book. Steigerwald hits a home run with the coloring for both pencilers, really bring out the best in both. A pretty good job.

                Wohl writes a great issue here. Things are going from bad to worse and Aspen is being proactive; which I found to be a treat. Aspen, overall, is really starting to be an even stronger character as her experience is letting her make decisions for the best of the planet; not necessarily for herself. And while there is a nobility to it, Aspen still retains that this is important but so is her own life she’s building. Her interactions at the Human-Blue Relations Center proved that.
                Yet, the REAL focus of this issue went to Killian. Killian definitely seemed to be do his best to go about things peacefully, as he was commanded to be rather than aggressively, like he wanted to be. Wohl definitely gives us a different side of Killian this issue as he holds steadfast to his duty as he meets with Vana. The issue has some great dialogue and surprises that really work. And Killian meets a “familiar” face once he goes to Vana; which made the issue that much more impactful. Some great pacing from Wohl as well.

                The style styles might seem to clash at first but you get comfortable between the two by the end of the book. Solid art. Great story and development.


                I give All New Fathom # 4 an 8 … out of 10. Buy it Wednesday, November 27th, 2013.

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