Tuesday, November 12, 2013

1st Impression: ALL NEW SOULFIRE # 1

Written by JT Krul & Frank Mastromauro
Art by V. Ken Marion, Mark Roslan & Kyle Ritter
Aspen Comics

                We open to a mystery in France that starts 2 years prior to the main story. Then we fast forward to 2213, where Mal and Sonia are watching PJ fight a giant metal spider mech. Benoist is coaching from the sidelines as PJ does his best to win the battle … within a stadium.
                After which, the gang meets up with Grace and they all go to Paris for a tournament. But, as they go to Paris, Grace uncovers a new mystery.

                Okay. His work was breath taking in Fathom-The Elite Saga but Marion really out did himself here. There is an energy to this issue that is just intense and full of life. The characters and backgrounds are nice and detailed. The character designs really work well in this “All New” beginning, giving Mal a pony tail. Marion’s pencils and Roslan’s inks just give a smooth, detailed look into this future of Soulfire. Panel composition is great with good angles, nice poses and people of all shapes, colors and sizes abound.
                The battle was definitely well rendered as Ritter provides some of his best color work to date. This is indeed one of the best looking books I have seen all year.  The lines are nice and clean but with a nice edge to them. The designs are great. And everyone looks distinct. Overall, this book’s art is AMAZING.

                Fresh from his first volume of Jirni, Krul comes into All New Soulfire, giving it a new energy. We start with a progressively smaller cast right now; which actually works to the books advantage. We catch up with the last volume with ease as this NEW volume makes it easy and accessible to readers. Krul gives us some solid characterizations from all the main characters, really capturing their voice of who they are now while still fitting in to the continuity of the previous Soulfire series.
                The story’s pacing was excellent. Nothing lasted too long or was overly wordy; just a nice pace. The dialogue fit the group well as PJ seemed to be a little more enthusiastic here, but that works for him. There is a lot to this world but Krul gives us a familiar spot, Paris, to be our backdrop. And as the multiple plots just start, Krul makes sure to go back to the first scene with the end of this issue; leaving readers wanting more. A magnificent job by Krul.

                This was a PERFECT first issue.


                Do I really need to say it? Okay. I will. ALL NEW SOULFIRE #1 gets a 10 … Out of 10!! Buy it on November 13th, 2013.

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