Monday, November 11, 2013

1st Impression: HARBINGER # 18

Written by Joshua Dysart
Art by Barry Kitson, Riley Rossmo, Mark Pennington, Brian Level & Ian Hannin
Valiant Comics


                This issue, we see what Peter’s Perfect Day is and that Harada is handling it himself. Unfortunately … Harada is getting overwhelmed. Meanwhile, back in Torquehalla, the girls decide that this realm might not be for them.  Faith wants out but not sure how that is gonna happen. And finally, Harada’s lack of sleep catches up to him.

                This issue’s art was split with pencils by Rossmo and Kitson. Also, there was some style/inking changes that were also put between the real world and Torquehalla. And while normally, the styles here might not work well, Kitson and Rossmo’s work really work well in telling the story. Pete’s Perfect Day by Rossmo while Kitson switched his style a little between the real world and Torquehalla. The grimmer style works for Torquehalla parts while Kitson’s more polished style worked well in the real word. The Rossmo’s pages worked to give an innocence that Pete had lost since the beginning of the series.  Level and Pennington give some solid inks; giving Kitson a rougher style for Torquehalla. And Hannin does a great job with colors … even mimicking the classic dot style for Pete’s Perfect Day pages. It was solid art this issue.

                Dysart continues to develop our Renegades and Harada further this issue. Faith steps up which really is great to see. Torque’s paradise seems to not be so perfect. The characterizations this issue were really enjoyable as we definitely can relate to many of the characters feelings. Pete’s want of innocence. Torque’s realizing things are not so greener on the other side. I also love how Dysart is able to develop all the Renegades and Harada without any of the characters being neglected or overshadowing other characters. It is a testament to his writing.
                The overall plot lines go smoothly and don’t over power the other. And we get a strong cliffhanger there at the end. A great job by Dysart.


                The series just gets better and better as Perfect Day builds up to be a signature storyline for Dysart and Harbinger. The art was good and wasn’t afraid to take chances while the story was absolutely exsquisite. Another great issue.

                Harbinger keeps getting better and this book proves it. I give Harbinger # 16 a 9.5 out 10.

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