Tuesday, November 5, 2013

1st Impression: TRISH OUT OF WATER # 2

Written by Vince Hernandez
Art by Giuseppe Cafaro, Ruben Curto & Studio Parlapa
Aspen Comics

                While the first issue set up the story and introduced Trish, this dives into the storyline. Trish gets caught up saving her cheating boyfriend with her “former” friend after a massive tidal wave hits. Meanwhile, Detective Bruno starts to believe that there are sleeper agents of The Blue amongst humanity. Things continue as more on the mystery behind Trish’s murdered parents and Trish herself.

                Last issue seemed to be growing pains for Cafaro but he did a serviceable job then. This issue seems to really have hit Cafaro’s stride as his rough pencils work really well this issue. There is a lot of detail and emotion conveyed. And while it does look rough, the style definitely looks a bit more polished this issue. There is a great amount of excitement generated in Cafaro’s panels that really help it. And Curto & Studio Parlapa’s colors really bring out the best of Cafaro’s work this issue with strong, consistent and good coloring. Really a wonderful job by this art team.

                Hernandez does a ridiculously wonderful job this issue. The pace was perfect. The characterizations were authentic. The dialogue was real. And Hernandez really helped build a connection to this book to Fathom without it being so overt. Trish is a wonderful character who is growing up and adjusting, but still very strong. Trish is handling two very difficult situations for a teen girl with a great amount of character. And it is very believable. That is what I enjoy about this issue. Trish isn’t just crying over things. She’s got a lot on her plate and is freaking out … but not moping, whining or complaining about it. Really allows readers to find Trish more likable and interesting overall as a character.
                The story itself was great from start to finish as we get one major surprise in the beginning to end on a bigger cliffhanger at the end. Trish’s supporting cast is getting fleshed out well; making these group of teens more and more interesting. Kudos to Hernandez for a great job of capturing today’s teen culture in a fantastic situation.

                GREAT story. Good art. Wonderful and diverse characters. Strong Characterizations. We got a winner folks.


  I give Trish Out of Water # 2 a 9.5 … out of 10.

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