Tuesday, November 5, 2013

1st Impressions: CHARISMAGIC # 6

Written by Vince Hernandez
Art by Vincenzo Cucca, Mark Roslan, Erick Arciniega & Emilio Lopez
Aspen Comics

                It’s the final showdown between Alle, Hector and Serke’s hordes against Sudana, Hank and the others in the Golden Realm. But that is not the only final battle. As Kon fights against Serke as we get a surprising return. And not everyone makes it through this battle.

                Honestly, every issue of this series with Cucca, Roslan and the others, the better it gets. Great amount of detail. Vibrant color when there needs to be. Different and detailed backgrounds/scenery. This team continues to go all out and does so this issue. There was great panel composition. Great amount of people and beings of different shapes and sizes. The action was kinetic and engrossing. The book really captured its theme well … The theme of magic.
                Really great action with clean line work. This book just was so full of energy and life that I give it up to the art team on this. Stellar job.

                Hernandez does a good job wrapping up this second volume as we get quite a packed finale. Multiple fights happening and lots of good character development for many characters: including Sudana, Hank, Hector and even Kon. Hernandez made this issue extremely high stakes and he delivered well.
                Yet, I will say that there is one problem with this issue … it just needed some more pages. Probably 2 to 4 extra pages would have made this issue perfect. A lot seems to be crammed in. It isn’t too bad and Hernandez does a great job making sure that there is a lot of plot to go but he ties up this miniseries extremely well.
                That aside, Hernandez continue to prove his weight as a great writer … giving us a lot of good character development that built itself up over time. The status quo definitely changed and our main characters are definitely different people now. BUT .. . it all felt like a natural evolution. And, of course, the ending of the book will leave fans clamoring for more. Overall, a good job by Hernandez.

                Besides the somewhat rushed parts within the book, the book is a solid final issue to the second volume. Great character development. Exceptional art. Really good job overall.


  I give Charismagic # 6 (Vol . II) an 8.5 … out of 10!

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