Tuesday, November 12, 2013

1st Impressions: LUNITA # 1

Written by Xavier Morrell
Art by Sergi San Julian & Oriol San Julian
Amigo Comics

                Our book opens with a mystery as Spain’s Ambassodor to the United States ends up dead … connected to a special drug known as Blue Tear. The DEA sends over an agent known as Summer Fillion to investigate the case after figuring out the drug is from Spain. As she goes about her investigation, the President of Spain himself, Don Jose, sends out people to deal with her … and a paranormal investigator known as Lunita. After Lunita and Fillion meet to talk, things get more dangers as an assassin is coming for the women.
                Meanwhile, the origins of the Blue Tear drug are revealed and we get another mystery in the final page.

                At first glance, San Julian’s style might seem ugly to some. But, it holds a lot of modern day sensibilities as well as a uniqueness to it. I would have to say that the characters and backgrounds look good and detailed enough to show how different each character is from the other. The best way to describe the style is a bit of Larry Strohman and some Mike Mignola mixed together with a bit more detail. It’s a style that people definitely get accustomed to after the initial first pages.  The backgrounds are nice and detailed. And there is a good sense of panel composition. And while nothing really  made me go “WOW!!!” artistically, it still had a good, consistent art. The colors from Oriol really breathed life into Sergi’s inks and pencils. And while there were a couple panels that I felt the faces were a bit stretched out … it was a solid job by this art team.

                Morrell delivers the opening act of this mystery story with sci-fi elements. The plot itself is complex enough for more mature readers but still simple to follow this first issue. There were things revealed this issue that lead into other questions. Morrell’s dialogue was also very strong this issue; giving us some realistic reactions from characters like Rodrigo, Fillion, Lunita and more. The character motivations are clear enough to see in most characters while still having mystery in others. The pacing for the issue was excellent as nothing went too long or too quick.  Fillion and Lunita are both very entertaining, strong female characters that I look forward into seeing driving this story. A great job by Morrell.

                Pretty good art with a great story behind it. And while the style is gonna take a little to get used to, it is still a good style. And the story and characters hook you.


                I give Lunita # 1 a 7.5 … out of 10. Good. Could be better and looks like it will be. Pick it up. 

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