Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bluewater Production Solicitations For November 13th, 2013

Bluewater Production is offering their New releases for November 13, 2013.  
Tribute: Christopher Reeve
writer: Michael L. Frizell
Artist: M.Anthony Gerardo
What makes a man a true hero? Is it the role he plays or the life he leads? Explore the life of legendary actor and philanthropist Christopher Reeve in this tribute to the man behind Superman’s cape.

Fame: Carrie Underwood
writer: Loyd Gant
Artist:Manuel Díaz
What happens when a small town girl will stop at nothing to follow her dreams? Carrie Underwood is what happens. A story of faith, determination and inspiration. FAME: The Carrie Underwood Story follows the Superstar’s trials and tribulations, leading her to become the top female performer of our era.

Sherlock Holmes #0
writer: Ken Janssens
Artist: Matt Martin
Check out the behind the scenes look into the popular comic book series on the cult classic Sherlock Holmes. Dead body? Check. Haunted boarding house? Check. Asshole detective and his long-suffering sidekick? Double Check. Take a nineteenth-century, roller coaster ride chocked full of all the Action, Mystery, and Deduction you've come to love out of the adventures of the world's greatest detective in this new four-issue mini-series.

Venice #1
writer: Federico De Luca
Artist: Federico De Luca
From the people that brought you Dorian Gray comes a new tale of horror.  Venice like a place out of the history, in the middle between dream and reality. A  story of blood, mystery and revenge.  A magic atmosphere in a dark twilight.

Lou Ferrigno: Liberator #0
writer: Jim Cirile  & Aaron Pope
Artist: Gerry Kissell
A special look behind the scenes of the award-winning film and comic book "LOU FERRIGNO: LIBERATOR"  Ferrigo stars the world famous Original Hulk actor returning to superheroics. Col. Ed Migliocetti -- AKA Liberator -- was a former superhero in the employ of the US government. But when a black op went south, Ed kept his mouth shut and took the fall. Now, he's lost everything. Desperate to get his life back on the rails and win back the love of his estranged daughter,Based on the  short film from Coverage Ink Films and also featuring  Peta Wilson (La Femme Nikita,) and Michael Dorn (Star Trek).

Blackbeard Legacy vs. Pistolfist
writer: Js Earls
Artist: Diego Simone
Inspired by Ben Franklin's poem, 'The Fall of Piracy,' a poem written by a young Ben Franklin, this pivotal, action-packed crossover features the return of heroic runaway slave Pistolfist and the sassy swashbuckler Hannah Teach. When Hanna's estranged father - the infamous Blackbeard - unites with a vicious villain from Pistolfist's past, these heroes not only find themselves in a fight for their lives, but for the fragile hopes and dreams of a fledgling nation on the edge of utter destruction!

You can download these titles on iTunes, Kindle, Nook, ComiXology, DriveThru Comics, Google Play, My Digital Comics, OverDrive, Iverse, Wowio, Kobo & wherever eBooks are sold.

You can get the print copies at Comic Flea Market by clicking here: http://bit.ly/ZlD5Bs
About Bluewater Productions
Bluewater Productions Inc. is one of the top independent production studios of comic books, young adult books and graphic novels. Its extensive catalog of titles includes the bestsellers “10th Muse” and “The Legend of Isis” ”Bluewater publishes comic books in partnership with entertainment icon William Shatner (“TekWar Chronicles”), legendary filmmaker Ray Harryhausen (“Wrath of the Titans,” “Sinbad: Rogue of Mars,” “Jason and the Argonauts,” et al) and celebrated actor Vincent Price (“Vincent Price Presents”) as well as icon Evel Knievel, Additionally, Bluewater publishes a highly successful line of biographical comics under the titles “Female Force” , “FAME” and “Political Power.”
The company has also developed best-selling novelist into the comic book book such as Julie Kagawa, John Saul, William F. Nolan, S.E. Hinton and more.  Bluewater has been featured on the Today Show, CNN, Huffington Post, The View and FOX News as well as in print in Time, People, Us magazines.  
Bluewater aims to unite cutting-edge art and engaging stories produced by its stable of the publishing industry’s top artists and writers.

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