Friday, November 8, 2013

Straight Forward Reviews : Archer and Armstrong # 15

Archer and Armstrong are back for some more crazy happenings with things like a civil war going on between different factions of the sect among other things.

Writer - Fred Van Lente

Artist - Khari Evans with ChrisCross

Publisher - Valiant

Review by Jeremias de Leon


We saw what Archer was up to in the previous issue after the events of the Faraway but that was strangely quiet on the whereabouts of Armstrong. Without spoilers, Armstrong is showing making his way around time itself and Archer is shown looking for him.

We get a nice look at how Archer and Armstrong cope by themselves and learn more about their characters throughout the issue. With a bigger focus on Armstrong since the previous issue already gave a lot of attention to Archer.

There's also a funny thing that isn't related to the story at all but is worth mentioning in the story since it has to do with the writing. During the issue you will see "beer stats" and they add a very nice touch of humor to the issue.


This issue had me cracking up and had me really intrigues at a lot of places with the dialog and the "beer stats" but what had me most intrigued was the facial expressions. Seeing Armstrong's face at different points in the comic. His face, and later on Archer's, without any speech bubbles or text said so much without needing any explanations. Major kudos for the art in this issue.


For the past few issues Archer and Armstrong had been doing well, but hadn't grabbed me like it did during it's first few arcs. I would say this is a return to form but that's almost insulting because this doesn't just go back to how good it was, it changes it and improves it. The art and the little comedic touches push this book into must buy territory. I give Archer and Armstrong a deserved 10 out of 10.

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