Sunday, December 8, 2013

1st Impressions: EHMM THEORY # 4

Written by Brockton McKinney
Art by Larkin Ford & Jason Strutz
Action Lab Comics

                Revelations give Gabriel and Mr. Whiskers shocks as Aaron faces his son and starts giving answers. Dominika wants none of that as she sends G.O.D.D. to capture them. But not everyone in G.O.D.D.  agrees with Dominika. It leads to some startlingly revelations about Dominika, Aaron and Gabriel as this issue ends the first miniseries.

                Ford and Strutz give a tour de force in this issue. The panels have great detail and backgrounds. Everyone has a nice distinct look. There are so many kinds of things this issue: people, robots, animals, talking animals, dimensional portals and much more. This book expands your imagination in ways that both make sense but never thought of before. The emotional moments look authentic and powerful. The characters look realized, with great nuisances and good expressions. The colors are vivid. The pencils and inks are powerful. A stellar ending for Ehmm Theory’s first miniseries.

                McKinney writes a very strong ending to this first miniseries. There was definitely a good amount of emotion, revelations and handled the plot lines very well. The dialogue, as always, was some of the best in comics today. McKinney really puts a lot of joy in his work … as we shall monsters that would come from our imaginations but at the same time, we might not have thought of. The characterizations felt very authentic. The pacing of the book is really good for the amount of events that happen within this final issue. Although, there are a couple of parts that might make it feel too fast.  And while things get tied up well, McKinney leaves it open for more with one last, stunning revelation.

                The writing is stellar. The art is amazing. While there are a few fast parts to the issue, overall, this was an enjoyable ending to one of the most inventive series in comics.


                I give Ehmm Theory # 4 a strong 9.5 … out of 10. 

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