Sunday, December 8, 2013

1st Impressions: HARBINGER # 19

Written by Joshua Dysart
Art by Barry Kitson, Riley Rossmo, Brian Level & Ian Hannin
Valiant Comics

                Peter has woken up and Harada is having issues that comes with his great powers. And boy, things REALLY shake up. Little by the little, the Renegades start freeing themselves of their psiot manipulated dreams as things get even crazier.

                This issue is full of action that Kitson, Rossmo, Level and Hannin do a great job on. All sorts of locales.  All sorts of people, beings, vehicles and more. This was a grand finish for such a personal storyline and the art team did not disappoint. To the parts inside the minds of Peter and Animalia to Torquehalla to the real world, there was a great amount of detail and expression put in each panel.  From the various outfits, to the mermaids (yes, they do appear this issue), to the carnage that ensues because of Harada, this issue goes all out to give you some great visuals. Kitson is in the top of his game this issue. Rossmo adds a great extra layer to the dream world Peter was stuck in. Hannin’s colors are vivid and rich this issue. There is a great angles and panel composition. Overall, this was a top notch job for the art team this issue.

                Dysart wraps up Perfect Day with a HUGE bang as we get character development from everyone but Charlene. But considering that she got some great development earlier in the storyline, it was okay. We get some great character moments for Pete, Harada, Faith, Torque and more. Dysart really advances many of the characters with solid resolutions that make sense. Although, Dysart, always good for a clincher, gives us plenty of surprise; particularly with Harada and the ending of the storyline. Strong dialogue and excellent pacing makes this issue a must read. Dysart continues to prove himself one of the best writers in the business with this strong, packed finale to “Perfect Day.”

                This storyline was great from the word go and this issue’s finale was beyond satisfying. The art was fantastic and it makes me even more excited to see what is to come. Evolving characters, dynamic art and impressive storytelling makes Harbinger #19 a must read.


                I give Harbinger # 19 a 10 … out of 10.

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