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Comics News: Cosmic Waves Returns in April 2014

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With his first original graphic novel set to be released by Dark Horse Comics next year, and a resume which boasts published work by such prominent comic book companies as DC Comics, Drew Ford is now setting out on his own, in an attempt to publish a collection of homespun tales of mystery and wonder!.  And he needs YOUR help to make it happen!

Twenty years ago, inspired by both contemporary and classic collections of genre comic book fiction, Ford had the idea to produce a new comic book anthology, which would feature all-new fantastical stories...the name of that comic was Cosmic Waves.

The original Cosmic Waves #1 was released into a very different comics landscape than what exists today.  For that reason, Cosmic Waves struggled to find it's audience, and eventually fell by the wayside.
Times, however, have truly changed.
The current mainstream popularity of comics throughout society, mixed with crowd-funding and the addition of new digital distribution possibilities, allows for comics such as this to have a real shot at succeeding!  Because of this, Ford has decided that now is the time to breath life back into this anthology of comic book goodness.
Ford is hoping this new, upcoming issue of Cosmic Waves, featuring a diverse mix of characters, stories and creators, will be embraced by readers of such popular, contemporary anthologies as Dark Horse Presents and Popgun, along with fans of such classic EC favorites Tales From The CryptThe Vault of HorrorWeird Fantasy, and more...basically anyone who loves a good fantastical collection of stories!
The ability to publish this new incarnation of Cosmic Waves will depend heavily on the success of the campaign, which has already begun to help facilitate it's 2014 publication.  Anyone interested in seeing this new issue of Cosmic Waves spring to life is strongly encouraged to go to the campaign website, and make a contribution here:
The anthology itself will be a mix of both stand alone and on-going stories.
On-going story lines include The Unseen (a horrific crime drama), The Light (a bizarre twist on the superhero genre)Phenomena (a contemporary ghost story) and The 10 Percent (a science fiction thriller).  Examples of interior artwork from each story can be seen below.
If you are interested in thoughtfully written, expertly drawn stories of science fiction, fantasy, horror, mystery, crime and more, Cosmic Waves is the place to be.
Again, anyone wanting to help us publish Cosmic Waves can make a contribution here:

Please send all questions, including interview requests, to:

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(sample page from The Unseen - artwork by Jaime Martinez Rodriguez and Santiago Ramos.)

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(sample page from The Light - artwork by Hoyt Silva)

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(sample page from The 10 Percent - artwork by Ruth Garcia Martin and Roberto Cota.)

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(sample page from Phenomena - artwork by Cristian Baez and Victor Nava)

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(possible cover to Cosmic Waves #1)

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(possible cover to Cosmic Waves #1)

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