Sunday, February 2, 2014

1st Impressions: SHADOWMAN # 15

Written by Peter Milligan
Art by Roberto de la Torre, Al Barrionuevo, Brian Level, David Baron & John Rauch
Valiant Comics

                Jack faces a major mistake of his past in order to see if it will ease his mind and stop the blackouts.  Meanwhile, the Abettors make moves to make sure that Jack would be the LAST Shadowman.

                De la Torre, Barrionuevo and Level do an excellent job this issue with continue to setting up a great looking book. From the moody backgrounds that look haunting in sunlight, to Jack’s face dealing with the emotional pain of what he had done, our artists really pour a lot of great detail in the work this issue. De la Torre definite hits his stride well this issue with some stunning panel work while Barrionuevo and Level aren’t slouches with their panels conveying a lot of emotion as well.
                Baron and Rauch do a great job with colors. The shading and color are utilized extremely well.  The amount of color does really well setting mood for the panels and giving the book its more horror, thriller appeal. There is a certain level of ambiance too the book that just makes it interesting. A superb job by the art team this issue.

                After the first two issues of the new direction, I will firmly state that I am being won over. The characterizations this issue was really strong.  The plot bears some wonderful fruit this issue as the Abettors and  Jack come to head in a very neat and logical way.  Milligan continues to add personal elements and making sure the history that he added comes to bare as the conflict gets brutal at the end. The characterizations were equally amazing with Jack and Alyssa showing some real growth and development.   Milligan does a great job giving some powerful dialogue that work with the well done art. 
                The pacing was done perfectly and the overall issue was just exquisite. Solid writing by Milligan.

                This is definitely a large step up from the last two issues. I feel after my initial dislike of the new direction, this one wins me over.  The art is great and the story is good.


                A much better issue. Made me a believer in Milligan work in Shadowman. I give Shadowman # 15 a 9 … out of 10.

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