Friday, February 14, 2014

Bluewater Titles Out This Week (Feb 12th, 2014)

Vincent Price: Black & White #2 – 
Mature readers only
writer: Paul J. Salamoff
Artist: Rafael Chrestani
We all enjoy the finer things in life, but some take this to the extreme and feel that these rewards are not earned but entitled. In this horrific new tale, four members of this so-called privileged set get everything they richly deserve courtesy of Vincent Price’s special VIP Treatment.

Anne of Green Gables #3
writer: CW Cooke
Artist: Giancarlo Malagutti
Lucy Maud Montgomery's hit book series translated into comic book form! Halfway through the tale, continue the look inside the heart of the girl from Green Gables. 

Tom Corbett: Space Cadet: Danger in Deep Space #2
writer: CW Cooke
Artist: Giancarlo Malagutti
The reimagining of the classic Tom Corbett series continues. After the last exciting chapter, Tom and his friends are about to meet some creepy space pirates and they have no idea what they're in for. Oh yeah, and their captain is dead. Oh, and Tom is in charge. Things go from bad to worse!

Female Force: Barbra Streisand
writer: Melissa Seymour
Artist: Manuel Díaz
Check out this new Bluewater comic book to discover the one, the only: Barbra Streisand! Barbra sings, acts, writes, directs, produces and has dedicated her life to philanthropy. This comic book covers everything from her beginner acting lessons, to winning eight GRAMMYs!

William Shatner Presents: Man O' War  #0 - FREE
writer: William Shatner & CJ Henderson
Artist: Pat Broderick & Jaime Martinez Rodriguez
See never before seen images from this series.  In the near future, friction mounts between the Earth and its Martian colony. Only diplomat Benton Hawkes stands a chance of bringing the warring factions together. There's only two problems--Hawkes hates Mars, and even if he does go, there's an assassin out to kill him before he can get there. Adapted from the acclaimed series by William Shatner.

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