Friday, February 14, 2014

Contest News: Herotaku's First Contest Morphs for Super Megaforce

Press Release


                Announced today by Herotaku’s own CEO, Renz Yap, is the site’s first official contest, the Super Mega Contest.  It kicks off at 7:59 Eastern Standard Time as part of a celebration of Saban premiering Power Rangers Super Mega Force this weekend. The Contest will run from February  14th through March 6th, 2014 at 7:59 pm Eastern Standard time.
                To enter the contest, all you have to do is join, then write in an entry. If you are under the age of 18, you have to have a parent enter for you in this contest. What is the written entry for? Well, you simply answer this question: “WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT THE POWER RANGERS?”

                Yes. All you have to do is write the answer to that question. To get full details on it, you can just go here.   With Herotaku making major moves for this contest, here is what CEO Renz Yap had to say:

 “Power Rangers this year has made their newest season extra special as it returns tomorrow. It celebrates 20 years of heroes, who have inspired, brought joy, and fun to everyone even today. At Herotaku, we thought it would be great to celebrate the premiere of Power Rangers Super Megaforce with something super mega special with our contest. We want to know the memories of stories that made fans laugh, the experiences they shared with friends or family, the moments that blew their mind away. We hope to hear fans stories of what they love about the Power Rangers, how it holds an important place in their heart. I am absolutely thrilled that we not only get to honor 20 years of Power Rangers with this, but 20 years of fans and being fans ourselves through our contest. We are looking forward to a lot of stories that we hope fans will share with us and we wish them the best of luck winning a prize. “

                As for the winning prize, while there are prize for first though third place, the first place prizes are one Power Rangers Super Megaforce Deluxe Legendary Morpher  and one Power Rangers Super Megaforce Legendary Ranger Key Pack. You can click the aforementioned link to  the micro-site for full prize details.

       and Herotaku Media are a internet media group composed of several websites ( being the flagship) as well as an internet radio, Rajio Nihon as part of its subsidiaries. Herotaku focus on geek culture covering everything from Tokusatsu, Power Rangers, Video Games, Comics, Anime and more. Any and all questions are to be directed to Chief Content Officer & Public Relations Head, Frankie Rodriguez at


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