Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Straight Forward Reviews : Eternal Warrior # 6

Gilad's life on the shambles of what used to be modern civilization with his granddaughter continues. What does he run into on this very different Earth this time?

Writer - Greg Pak

Artist - Robert Gill

Publisher - Valiant

Review by Jeremias de Leon


Gilad The Eternal Warrior is out on a journey with his granddaugter after some disastrous events occurred to the village he was ruling as a benign leader. During his wandering he runs into a village run by some power hungry thug who has enslaved many people.

Gilad wants to help, and being the Eternal Warrior, takes action to do just that and through his fighting learns that the situation is much deeper than he thought at first.

The dialog is short and to the point with a lot of Gilad's personality showing through. It's quite different than it is in the other Valiant books taking place in modern times. It seems to show that he isn't afraid to show he cares, especially for his granddaughter.


The art is bloody and magnificent. For a book that takes place in a future where one needs to be strong and
brutal the art does a good job of showing that especially of course in the action scenes.

It also does a good job of balancing the brutality with art that shows compassion as well especially with Gilad toward his granddaughter. Also, Gilad's character design embodies this balance best. He has features of a kindly old man but the muscles and armor also show he isn't one to push.


Eternal Warrior does a fine job of telling a story where things are certainly fairly grim but that also have a spark of hope to it. The art looks great and the action scenes definitely make it a fun read. There are some things that definitely remind me perhaps a little too strongly of Pak's earlier work Planet Hulk and on the classic post apocalyptic anime Fist of the North Star. But that may actually be a reason to buy it so it's not something I can really knock it for. I give Eternal Warrior # 6 a 9 out of 10.

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