Sunday, March 23, 2014

1st Impression: ETERNAL WARRIOR # 7

Written by Greg Pak
Art by Robert Gill & Guy Major
Valiant Comics

                Gilad leads the city of people through a forest to look for King Sam, the creator of the robots. And Gilad finds him. When they meet, there is a warm welcome extended but King Sam learns why Gilad is the Eternal Emperor.

                Gill produces some of the sharpest looking panels in comics. Gill has an amazing sense of prospective and uses it in the issue.  Gill also has a great sense of anatomy, not only for humans but for beasts as well as he draws some very powerful pictures of animals attacking other animals. Gill really does well giving us perspective and angles with his panel work to provide some dynamic art.  From the clothes of the civilians to the robot wolves to the overall look at King Sam’s main base, Gill renders them all with a great amount of detail.  Gilad continues to look regal and battle hardened. And Gill has no issue conveying emotion on the faces of the characters.
                Major’s colors are stellar as they enrich Gill’s work.  From the shades to the direction of lighting, Major pulls off some great, vivid colors that just make Gill’s work explode off the page. Overall, a magnificent job by this art team.

                Pak continues to write a future myth with Gilad in the future.  Pak gives us some solid character development of Gilad as a leader and a warrior. Gilad wants to take care of his people and does his best to make sure that he can with multiple examples of that throughout the issue. Pak continues with his mastery of dialogue as he puts the right amount of wit with the right amount of emotion in the dialogue amongst the characters.
                There is definitely a stronger focus on Gilad himself this issue, with various interactions. This definitely felt good to see the spotlight firmly on Gilad this issue. I also like to applaud the pacing of the issue as Pak keeps things at a steady pace to lead to the strong ending of the issue. Pak just continues to write a superb story.

                The writing was spectacular. The art was amazing. I certainly love every minute of this issue.


                I give Eternal Warrior # 7 a 9.5 … out of 10. Pick it up this Wednesday!

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