Friday, March 14, 2014

1st Impressions: ZOMBIE TRAMP (Vol. 2) # 3

ZOMBIE TRAMP (Vol. 2) # 3
Written by Dan Mendoza
Art by Dan Mendoza
Action Lab: Danger Zone

                While Hollywood actress Holly Very gets into an accident, we find out favorite little undead child is having a heart to heart. Janey, in the meantime, has some flashbacks to people she went to school with and things do NOT end well …

                Mendoza’s cartoony style definitely is polished up as we get a nice amount of gore, fanservice and emotion. Zombie Tramp never shy’s away from its influences of the old Grindhouse movies and does so here. Mendoza, though, does a great job with artistic touches throughout the issue. Instead of using color throughout all the panels, he actually colors only certain parts, leaving the vast majority black and white.
                The blood is red. The eyes of certain characters are colored. What was even more impressive was that an entire flashback was penciled but not inked, allowing readers to know the difference.  It was inventive way of storytelling and adds to the mood and appeal to the book.  Overall, Mendoza does a good job with simple yet detailed descriptions and stylish choices.

                The issue is very simple. Mendoza goes through the each point quickly. The first plot point is the only one that does not get a full resolution but Mendoza presents a very interesting, witty and frightening story as Janey’s past comes to her present; making her want to get some revenge.  Mendoza dialogue is simple yet powerful in different points. In others, we gives some great examples of how society acts today, especially when stars get into accidents.
                The characterizations were interesting. The plots were intriguing and entertaining. There is every bit of the grindhouse influence in this book but Mendoza gives it a sophistication to the story that makes it much more than mindless gore. It is definitely entertaining.

                This is sexy. This is gory. This still shows some interesting things about humanity and how people live in the world now.  It blends horror well with some fun and a bit of drama.


                I give Zombie Tramp # 3 a solid 8 … out of 10. 

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