Monday, March 10, 2014

Straight Forward Reviews : Unity # 5

We're back with a new issue of the crossover series Unity! This time the team of Ninjak, Livewire, X-O Manowar, and the Eternal Warrior come together to face a new enemy.

Writer - Matt Kindt

Artist - CAFU

Publisher - Valiant

Review by Jeremias de Leon


The issue starts off with Livewire on a mission for MI-6 and events unfold into a new arc that starts off with it's fair share of mystery. There's also backstory for the new villain that has been explained and it seems this villain actually has ties to the origins of other characters in the Valiant universe. With his backstory it actually does seem that he can be a proper villain for the Unity team.

The issue has an interesting story that presents mysteries and gives enough backstory to keep the reader intrigued. The main team also has their own developments. They can truly be called a team now and it will be interesting to see how they grow and handle the obstacles thrown their way.


CAFU's art in this issue is brilliant. The details in the characters and the environments look good as do the action sequences. There's something extra about the art that makes it special. It all seems to have a tone or a mood to it. I have to also give a lot of credit to the colorist Brian Reber for that. Ninjak and Livewire's technology and the backstory for the new villain are well done especially.


Going into this comic I was a little nervous that it would just turn into a boring super team fights random evil person who probably doesn't need these people to team up. Those fears were assuaged just about immediately when they explained just who this villain was. This new arc seems to be like a good one with some mystery thrown in that should keep your attention as well. It looks good too, so it shouldn't be a chore to read. I give Unity # 5 a 9 out of 10.

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