Sunday, April 20, 2014

1st Impressions: HARBINGER # 22

Written by Joshua Dysart
Art by Clayton Henry & Brian Reber
Valiant Comics


                The Renegades decide it’s time to strike. The seven members devise a plan to strike at Toyo Harada and expose him even more than they already have but attacking and getting data from Harada’s school in Pittsburg. While it looks like Harada has caught up with our merry band of rebels, all are not what it seems. Plus, Torque goes through some changes.

                We are look at Henry’s best art of his career. The level of detail and expression has been increased and Henry is really starting to shine within these pages. From backgrounds, to the various body types in the book, Henry has not shyed away from presenting a fully, realized world and character.  From the somber opening pages to the gripping final panel, Henry renders it all beautiful. Great sense of action, perspectives and proportions, Henry truly gives his best work yet. 
                Reber backs him up as always with some strong colors and tones to match the mood of the scenes within the book. The colors really enhance Henry’s stunning work, making it look masterful on each panel. The opening page really captures mood well because of Rebel’s color alongside Henry’s art.
                Overall, a beautiful book.

                Dysart continues to write a gripping story and starts laying groundwork for the end. We get some particular character development on Torque and Faith while Dysart evens out the rest of the character moments between the rest of the Renegades, except for Monica. Monica did not get much development this issue at all. Yet, everyone else got some good character moments.
                Dysart writes a smart script as always, giving readers multiple surprises this issue; allowing for misdirection and some great character moments. As we see the continuing development, the title of the story line “Death of a Renegade” is definitely getting hinted out a few times this issue; giving some very creepy assumptions on which character is gonna die during the course of the storyline.  Dysart paces the entire issue well with a strong beginning, very captivating middle and a gripping end.
                Dysart builds the beginning of the end here and does it with style. Another well written issue.

                The issue was a great start to a very pivotal character and story related arc. Henry, Reber and Dysart are delivering the best work of their careers and it will only get better.  “Death of a Renegade” is off to a smart and strong start and can only get much better from here. And that will make it that much more heartbreaking for when we lose one of our characters.


                I give Harbinger #22 a magnificent 10 … out of 10. Pick it up this Wednesday!

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