Saturday, May 3, 2014


Skyward Story:
 Written by Jeremy Dale
Art by Jeremy Dale, James Rochelle & Hoyt Silva

Midnight Tiger Story:

Written by Ray-Anthony Height & Dewayne Feenstra
Arty by Ray-Anthony Height & Paul Little
Action Labs Entertainment

                Since today is Free Comic Book Day, I was able to get some great FCBD issues. Now, I am gonna just break these down a little different from the normal review because … well, they are special issues that give you a taste.  So, let us begin.

SKYWARD – Dale does some build up to his next story by giving us some history that connects both the Berserkers and Quinn to what will be coming next in the series. We get a bring history as one of the tribe leaders is about to pass away.

MIDNIGHT TIGER –We meet our hero, Gavin, just before he becomes Midnight Tiger. It ends up being an origin story about a teen who enjoys the world’s heroes but still not blind to the everyday struggles of life.

                Jeremy Dale brings his A-game as always with Skyward. The legend on how the Berserkers were split into four tribes was gripping and believable. And the narration on how this story was told was powerfully done by Dale.   The plot was good and it was great set up. And while no one really knows Quinn, Dale peaks your interests. And for those fans of Skyward already, you get a glimpse to the past of Quinn’s father.

                The Midnight Tiger side of things really gives a strong ending. We meet our main protagonist, Gavin, who is a hero fanboy.  Yet, for the first time since the first volume of New Warriors back in Marvel (at least with what I read), Height and Feenstra deliver a social conscious hero that remembers that there is more to the world than fighting super villains. That there is still crime on the streets and what are these heroes doing about it.  The dialogue is very authentic and relatable. Height and Feenstra pack action, social consciousness, drama and an origin all in one small story.

                Dale’s art is stellar with detailed lines and a great fusion between old school comic artists like Ron Frenz with some modern day sensibilities to make the art style all its own. With Rochelle’s colors and Silva’s color flats, we got a beautifully rendered story.

Height’s art will not be denied. The lines are nice and clean with great shading by Little. Height does good with giving us detail backgrounds and characters … as well as several homages to other more “known” heroes throughout the title. Yet, Height really shows off what he can do and Little just brings it all to life with his colors. A great origin story.


                We got a strong start with a legend told to us by a dying tribe leader. And then we got an origin story of a young hero that already knows there is more to life than fighting super villains. I REALLY enjoyed this issue.   Skyward’s story was good and Midnight Tiger’s was great. I am glad they put these two together for this.

                I give SKYWARD/MIDNIGHT TIGER FCBD ISSUE a whoppin’ 10 …. Out of 10. If you did not get it, RUN to you comic book story right now. 

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