Wednesday, May 7, 2014

FCBD: Zombie Tramp/Ehmm Theory Issue

Zombie Tramp
Written by Dan Mendoza & Jason Martin
Art by TMChu, Dan Mendoza & Jason Martin

Ehmm Theory
Written by Brockton McKinney
Art by Larkin Ford & Aimee Hanchey
Action Lab: Danger Zone

This will be a Spoiler Free Review.
            Janey is hitchhiking across the desert when she gets picked up. As she takes her ride, we go through the events of both previous mini-series. And as her hitchhiker is looking for some payment, he finds Janey’s price a bit steep.

In the Ehmm Theory side of things … SHIT GETS REAL! Okay. Yeah. That was really blunt. More or less, Mindwolf ends up meeting up with Gabriel and Whiskers again … just NOT the Gabriel and Mr. Whiskers we know.

             We got some good writing by Mendoza and Martin. Janey is reflecting on the past while seeing where she, as a person, has gotten to. Mendoza and Martin go through the highlights of both miniseries well while allowing Janey to find how strong she has become. The pacing is great and the dialogue feels authentic.
            TMChu definitely has a different style than Mendoza but very much fits Zombie Tramp. Sure, the boobs are colossal … like Mendoza’s … and TMChu does have some influence in grindhouse in his art but not as much as Mendoza. Considering the story is about progress, TMChu’s style reflects that.  Mendoza gives some great panel work during the flashbacks.  Martin and Mendoza do a great job using color at the end of the book … both with Mendoza limited color style while Martin’s coloring of the book sets the mood right.
            So, overall, this short was about transition and it works.

             Ehmm Theory throws up quite a few surprises … which is pretty  status quo for them if you have read the original miniseries. McKinney, as usual, writes a balls to the wall yet extremely intelligent script as we find out that Gabe and Mr. Whiskers are different … and why they are different. It adds another element to Ehmm Theory while also allowing readers to kind of learn more of Mindwolf, who played a pivotal, yet small role in the original miniseries. As we get a little bit of what happened before with hints at what’s to come, McKinney uses smart dialogue and strong characterization to fit it all in one great package.
            Meanwhile, Ford and Hanchey do a great job. Ford’s cartoony/modern comic fused style really shines with great actions, strong panels and good amount of detail. They shine with all kinds of beings, proportions and backgrounds. Ford’s work is better than ever. Haney’s colors are strong, giving a nice shine and tone to Ford’s art. Really great stuff.

            TMChu’s work might throw off some people who are used to Mendoza. Yet, it’s not that bad in my opinion.


            This FCBD issue was strong, with great stories and art. Really great stuff. I give Zombie Tramp/Ehmm Theory FCBD issue a 9 … out of 10. 

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