Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Quantum & Woody # 10 Review

Written by James Asmus
Art by Kano
Valiant Comics

This will be a Slight Spoiler review.

                Eric took a job a security job in the Smithsonian. Woody, meeting up with an old flame, took a job as a thief. What are they looking to steal? A skull? Why? Cause Woody and his ex were hired by an Abettor. Yep …. A connection to Shadowman. This doesn’t seem like it will end well.

                Asmus continues to write the work of his career here. A great balance between comedy, action and drama, we get more development for our main characters, Woody and Eric. While Eric did not once done his suit as Quantum, Eric continued to prove both his valor and how closed minded he is when it comes to Woody. And Woody … continues to push more and more boundaries as he walks that fine line between jerk, hero and possible bad guy. “Sixty-nine” also gets some really good development here, both as Woody’s only real advocate and … well, the end kind of tips off something else. The issue was paced perfectly.
                Artistically, Kano’s style has evolved over the years and he does an excellent job this issue … going between detail and simple, classic comic art. Kano’s style this issue definitely works with the art that has been displayed in the series as a whole … kind of going with a classic comic with some modern touches. We got some great, expressive panels. The color work was good, keeping in the coloring mood of the previous issues of the series while enhancing his own (Kano’s) work.
                A solid, good issue overall.

                The flashbacks were entertaining and cemented something … but felt … like it didn’t need there. Otherwise, nothing else.


                We got an issue with good art, good start and good set up for what’s to come. Plus, this issue connected with Shadowman, helping to integrate the book more into the Valiant Universe.  I give Quantum & Woody # 10 a solid 8 … out of 10.

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