Sunday, June 22, 2014

Halloween Man # 2 Hits Online

For Immediate Release

Dr. Lucy Chaplin is brilliant, sexy, and wealthy. But when a mysterious figure from Lucy's past physically transforms her and several other Solar City women, a race against the clock begins. 

"Halloween Man: Eye of the Beholder" is an all-new story line dealing with the topic of body image within the superhero genre. 

Written by series creator Drew Edwards, with art by Sergio Calvet (Magic of Myths, Dark of the Forest.) 

Also, this issue features two stories of romance gone wrong pulled from "Halloween Man's web comic" past, all available via Monsterverse Comixology:

Halloween Man #2

Price: $1.99
Publisher: Monsterverse

Written by Drew Edwards
Art by Sergio Calvet

Page Count: 60 Pages
Digital Release Date: June 18 2014

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