Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Written by James Asmus
Art by Wilfredo Torres, Erica Henderson, Jordie Bellaire and David Baron
Lettering by Dave Lanphear
Valiant Comics

This will be a spoiler free review.

                While Woody and Eric are in jail, Detective Cejudo talks to her “sister”  Sixty-nine in order to stop her from dating Woody.  Yet, as Eric leaves jail, the E.R.A. return, making some serious moves as they work on capturing Eric, Woody, Detective Cejudo, Sixty-nine and Goat.

                This book delivers as always as Torres and Henderson do a great job giving us good art that goes along with the style of Quantum & Woody since it began. The style is simple, yet with enough detail that you get a god amount of expression from it. Torres and Henderson give a good panel composition as well as some near perspectives. Bellaire and Baron continue to make the comic colorful enough to bring it tonight but have a texture that this is something a little older. The art does have a old school comic strip feel to it but Torres and Henderson really make it work here.
                Asmus continues to write the work of his life. This issue had a great sense of narration, dialogue and character development while still being witty. Asmus gives some major development to Sixty-Nine this issue while we get to look more into the brother’s relationship and see that Eric really wants little to do with Woody. Woody makes a shocking confession that pulls at your heart strings in time for insanity to occur and Asmus blends it all seamlessly.  The pacing was excellent and the story is building to a great finale as Asmus leaves the boys with a great revelation at the end of the issue.


                Nada. The art was above average but not enough to go nuts over. Still, a great issue.

                We got fantastic character development and plot advancement with some good art. The end is and we got a strong issue before that end. I give Quantum and Woody # 11 a 4 … out of 5.

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