Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Shinjuku Station Needs Our Help

Shinjuku Station Needs Help

Hey guy recently I have been posting live streams of Shinjuku Station on the site and recently Shinjuku HQ got hit by a bad electrical storm and in the process lost half of their equipment to the storm. Not only does Shinjuku Station do live streamings of movies and game but they they also callab with MAHQ to bring you Gundamn. So if you like AnimeMovieNight, EXvsThGundmannation  ,LeveNine, BaraqueNight, JoJowithSoulbro, FightersReady  NewAnimeMondays and Gundamn@MAHQ help out anyway you can by donating @ ShinjukuStationEnt@gmail.com lets bring Shinjuku Station back stronger and better than ever.



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