Monday, June 9, 2014

ZOMBIE TRAMP Vol. 2: The Taint Train of Terror Review

ZOMBIE TRAMP Vol. 2: The Taint Train of Terror TPB
Written by Dan Mendoza
Art by Dan Mendoza
Lettering by Zen
Action Lab: Danger Zone

This will be a Spoiler Free Review.

It is a new adventure with Janey as she meets a mysterious little girl named Morning. She gives help to Janey as long as she would kill her parents. As we find out that our Morning has more to her than meets the eye, we continue our little adventure on a train where a bunch of teenagers. And the grindhouse influence takes over as things go from bad to worse ... for the students on the train ... and even Janey.

Mendoza gives his signature style a great amount of flair with dynamically gory panels, limited use of colors and interesting use of inks ... or not. Mendoza really brings a great atmosphere to his work. The lack of color with few exceptions really help bring out a certain fair to the book. The brutality is in full spectacle. If you are a fan of zombies or grindhouse, Mendoza presents you with this love letter.  
Mendoza also does a great trick of putting flashbacks, keeping them strictly his finished pencils but no inking on it. We got a good amount of gory mixed with suspense and sexual situations.

Writing wise, Mendoza gives us an entertaining, yet gory rump from start to finish. We do get to know a bit more about Janey and Mendoza develops her by her meeting Morning, her gaining her new abilities and the flashbacks. Read separately, the issue are fairly good. But as one whole, complete story, this second volume of Zombie reads like a classic zombie/grindhouse, suspense movie. And while Janey shines, Mendoza does a good job developing Morning, the Omega Men and more. The pacing works as a whole and works better as a collection.

            Like I mentioned, the single issues of it were good. But as a whole, this reads so much better. Yet, what happens to our teens is very predictable. Otherwise, nothing really bad.

Mendoza’s style is something people will either love or hate but it captures Zombie Tramp well … a mix of horror with sex appeal while also giving nods to grindhouse movies and thrillers. Janey clearly has development here and there can be a whole lot more. While there is some predictability, the journey is still entertaining and Morning proves to be an interesting wild card. I give Zombie Tramp Vol. 2: The Taint Train of Terror a 3.5 out of 5.

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