Friday, July 4, 2014

Cardfight!! Vanguard Deck Profiling - Pale Moon Eva/Chelsea

Starting VG
Smiling Presenter


x4 Silver Thorn, Barking Dragon (Crit)

x2 Dynamite Juggler (Crit)

x4 Silver Thorn Marionette, Natasha (Draw)

x2 Rainbow Magician (Draw)

x4 Silver Thorn juggler, Nadia (heal)


x4 Turquoise Beast Tamer

x2 Skull Juggler

x3 hades Hypnostist

x1 Silver Thorn Hypnos, Lydia

x3 Purple Trapezist


x3 Crimson Beast Tamer

x3 Dancing Princess of the Night Sky

x3 Silver Thorn Marionette, Lillian

x2 Nitro Juggler

x1 Fire Breeze, Carrie


x4 Miracle Pop, Eva

x4 Nightmare Doll, Chelsea

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