Tuesday, November 19, 2013

1st Impressions: ETERNAL WARRIOR # 3

Written by Greg Pak
Art by Trevor Hairsine, Diego Bernard, Alejandro Sicat, Brian Reber & Guy Major
Valiant Comics

                Xaran and Gilad end up going shopping as they are monitored by a group called the House of the Wheel. Yet, this does not go unnoticed as the two make their way to the Geomancer. As the father/daughter duo continue on their path, we find out exactly what Xaran’s done for the last several thousands of years. As Gilad and Xaran track the Geomancer, some frightening revelations come about.

                I give it to Hairsine, Bernard and Sicat. Their art is a great blend. And while Hairsine’s style is a bit rougher, the transitions between both styles is near seamless visually. There is a good amount of detail from both artists as Bernard really get to stretch his artistic muscles here with flashbacks of Xaran’s past. Hairsine continues to deliver some very impactful panels while still being a bit gritty; which fits for Gilad, the Eternal Warrior. There were some great angles, panel composition and exceptional displays of emotion that was put into these pages this issue. I also give it up to the artists for doing a great job making sure everyone looked distinct.  Major and Reber do an outstanding job coloring the issue with just the right tones and colors to give the book its gritty, yet cultured appeal. Great use of backgrounds and anatomy by Hairsine and Bernard. A really solid job by this art team this issue.

                Pak really dives into Xaran this issue, fleshing her backstory out and really making her better for it. Readers will come to understand why Xaran is the way she is and Pak does this with a style and smoothness that makes melted chocolate jealous. Xaran’s development really gives her a more multi-layered body and is a testament to Pak’s writing abilities. Gilad himself has gotten some really great development as a father who understand his daughter is an adult who challenges his beliefs. It is a really interesting look on how a parent walks away from something they strongly believe but is picked up by the child.
                The pacing of the book is perfection while the dialogue is witty, insightful and full of life. When it needs to be fun, Pak does fun but still maintains Gilad’s more serious nature. Xaran’s arrival has softened it some but definitely a welcome look into the immortal warrior. The plot itself gets a nice jump this issue as we find out much more about the Geomancer, the House of the Wheel and Nergal than we could have anticipated. And the cliffhanger was COMPLETELY from left field. Kudos to Pak for writing such a great issue.

                This book continues to just get better and better. Gilad definitely feels more multi-layered. So does his daughter. The art was great. Pak is creating a mythos with Eternal Warrior that will stand the test of time among some of the greatest in comics history and this issue definitely proves it.  DEFINITELY pick up this book.


                I give Eternal Warrior # 3 a solid 10 … out of 10. Buy it Wednesday, November 20th!

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