Wednesday, August 24, 2011

#21 -Ultimate Fallout: A World Without Peter Parker

So how does the world cope with the death of one of its most beloved heroes? Well, this miniseries definitely proves that everyone grieves in their own way that’s for sure. Peter Parker’s funeral was attended by hundreds of people far and wide, Steve Rogers blames himself, Thor believes Peter is on Valhalla, and Rogue sees his death as a sign of the apocalypse. With the pressure of constantly being in the public eye, Gwen Stacy and Aunt May decide to move to France. Johnny Storm, Bobby Drake, and Kitty Pryde go into hiding in the Morlock tunnels and Captain America in his grief has quit. While all of this is going, Quicksilver has a scheme brewing, and the government may be in trouble if the world finds out that they are responsible for creating mutants. And lets not forget the new spider powered kid on the streets of New York.

I enjoyed this story but Death of Spiderman was better in my eyes this was kind of all over the place. I am excited to see what happens with the new mutant situation and Quicksilver’s scheme and definitely the new Spidey. The ultimate universe is in for a lot and I can’t wait to read the new titles but they could have done a little better to space out the intro. Other than that great historic glad to read and review it, as usual this has been Hector Ramirez until next time friends keep clashing.

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