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      Buffy has some trouble as she escapes from the SFPD in Buffy Season 9, issue 3. As her friends and family turn their backs on her, Buffy turns to the streets to deal with some vampires. Yet, as she does, she finds a new kind of vampire slayer which will only lead to trouble. Meanwhile, Spike gets visions.

    What will happen as Buffy as she has no one to turn to?

  Find out in Buffy Season 9, #3 written by Andrew Chamberliss with art by George Jeanty and comes out this November. 


 Yes.  Fanboys (and girls) like . . . you . . .and you, and you where you will find that zombies have come to take them all . . . and when I say them . . I mean you. Cause many of you or them . . . will end up surviving a zombie apocalypse.  BOOM! Studios will make some fanboys wet dreams come true. A group of fanboys and girls journey to Comic Con in San Diego only to find themselves at Ground Zero for a Zombie Invasion, as quoted from Chip Moser, Sales Director for BOOM! Studios.

  Trust me when I say you’ll never look at Comic-Con or zombie stories the same way again once you feast your eyes on this gory and hilarious masterpiece. “BOOM!’s first book, back in the day, was ZOMBIE TALES – the company has been built on horror and humor comics. No one does zombies like BOOM! Studios!

And Head of Creative Development for Electus, Jimmy Fox:

BOOM! Studios is the ideal partner for this initiative as no one understands what serves this audience better than they do. We wanted to create this for the real fans. The comic book junkies, the sci-fi nuts, the horror enthusiasts, the hardcore gamers – every one of them will be represented in our cast of characters. This is for any fan who has ever wondered what would happen if they had to play the role of the hero.

 Fanboys vs Zombies will be out this October.


    For the fifth year in the row, Top Cow will release its next batch of possible titles in Pilot Season. This October and November this year, there will be eight new titles that Top Cow will show for fans. The one title that gets the most sales, ends up getting its own series next year. With a record number of competing titles, the voting this year will be done in a triple elimination system in December. After the final release in November, fans will be able to log onto and vote for their favorite for two weeks with no restriction on the number of votes per day. Then the top four will compete for a week with one vote per fan per day allowed. Finally the top two square off for one week with one vote per fan per daySo take a gander at the books to be unleashed and look at what you were looking for:


The Harvey nominated creative team of ECHOES, JOSHUA HALE FIALKOV (I…Vampire) and RAHSAN EKEDA (Solomon Kane) reunite to kick off 2011’s PILOT SEASON competition with TEST. A group of ten strangers wake up in a mysterious town with no memory of who they are and how they got there. They are the lone survivors of an apocalyptic event, chosen to repopulate the Earth. But what is the true nature of their fate?

TEST offers a fresh take on survivalist horror and psychological thriller in the way only FIALKOV and EKEDAL can!

art & cover DENNIS CALERO
Over a decade after Terminal, the residents of San Francisco live a peaceful and prosperous existence thanks to the Program. Every resident of the city is hand-selected and implanted with the chip Secura, which removes the human capacity for violence to maintain the greater good. Only the city's security forces are allowed a brief reprieve from Secura through use of the drug Freestone in order to do their jobs. Now, rumors of Freestone getting out into the open market threaten to upset the delicate balance keeping humanity from extinction.

Screenwriter MORGAN DAVIS FOEHL and artist DENNIS CALERO (X-Men: Noir) deliver a twist on the classic dystopian future in CITY OF REFUGE!

art & cover JEREMY HAUN

Modern society is obsessed with outward beauty. What if there was a way to guarantee you could be come more and more beautiful every day? What if it was contagious? In the world of The Beauty, physical perfection is attainable and while the mass majority of the population has taken advantage of it, Detectives Foster and Vaughn will soon discover it comes with a terrible price.

Writer/artist JEREMY HAUN (Detective Comics, ARTIFACTS) and co-writer JASON HURLEY offer up a startling reflection on the cost of looking good in this procedural science fiction tale.


A random act of kindness can be damning. When a man witnessed the ruthless beating of an innocent woman, he rushed to help her and was brutally murdered for his trouble. Now driven by revenge, sorrow, and guilt, the woman enacts arcane forces to resurrect him. From out of the earth he'll rise, a twisted, worm-riddled monstrosity forced to carry out vengeance to maintain whatever life he has left, all  while confronting the unimaginable truth of his new, hideous existence.  Is he forever damned to be a rotting monster driven by an insatiable bloodlust...or is it possible to shed the curse and return to normal?  The torment belongs to the living nightmare they'll call Fleshdigger.  God help anyone who gets in his way!

From Harvey Award nominee SHANNON ERIC DENTON (GRAVESLINGER, Common Foe) and screenwriter BRAD KEENE (The Grudge 3) and artist ALEX SANCHEZ (Fathom: Blue Descent) comes a tale of supernatural horror!


Vince Martinez raced cars for a living, now he can’t even drive. A tragic mistake took Vince from the height of success to losing his career, his family & his freedom. When he is unwittingly made the getaway driver for a bank robbery gone wrong, will Vince head back to jail or show the world why he was NASCAR’s hottest driver in one of the heaviest trafficked cities in the US.

Writer FILIP SABLIK (LAST MORTAL, PILOT SEASON: ASSET) teams with artist CHRIS DIBARI (Pale Horse, The Warriors) hit the gas on a high-speed fugitive tale with a twist!

story DAN CASEY 

Charles Witten is a brilliant scientist capable of inventing devices that will change our world. Unfortunately, most of the scientific community thinks he’s a crackpot. As does the government, until… a precision team of heist men rob a bank in Switzerland using what appears to be Witten’s dimension hopping technology. Technology that Witten designed, but never completed… 

Writer/director DAN CASEY and artist THOMAS NACHLIK (LAST MORTAL) deliver fast-paced, action-packed science fiction that will keep you guessing. 


Marcus Walsh was an elite Special Forces soldier involved in black ops all over the world. Wet work like this takes its toll and Marcus wanted out, but this wasn’t a job you quit. There was only one way out. Now believed dead and completely anonymous, Walsh struggles to use his black ops skills to atone for his past sins.

Screenwriter ALAN McELROY (SPAWN, Tekken) newcomer MICHAEL MONTENAT delivers a hard-hitting adventure of redemption and conspiracy!

art & cover JOSE LUIS

The angelic warrior now known only as Seraph was once a sinner. After living a life of selfishness and sin, personal tragedy drove him to kill himself. Plucked on his way to Hell by Heaven, the man was made Heaven’s soldier in an endless battle. Charged with fighting an ancient war, but bound by God’s law, can Seraph triumph over opponents not restricted in the same way and regain his faith in the process?

Creator LANCE BRIGGS (Chicago Bears) and writer PHIL HESTER (THE DARKNESS, Wonder Woman) are joined by artist JOSE LUIS (Justice League of America) deliver a story of personal loss and redemption wrapped in a rich supernatural mythos. 

So take a look and see what Top Cow has to offer.


  With the beginning of the DCnU merely a week away, DC has been flooding the internet, television and more with advertisements on their new books. And with the recent integration of some of Wildstorm's most known titles and characters into this new DC universe, Stormwatch is gonna provide a great back bone into in this brave new world.
    Writer Paul Cornell has stated that Stormwatch is most definitely NOT a super hero team. That this book will be brutal and have long history into the DC Universe, stating that they have ALWAYS existed. Cornell and DC have mentioned several times that they are even doing a lot of world building by having events from Action Comics, Superman and other DCnU books having connections into Stormwatch; creating a greater sense of community and continuity in this new universe.
   Paul Cornell stated in an interview about Stormwatch:

Stormwatch aren't 'coming into' the DCU, they've always been part of it. The book's got a very serious, deadly tone to it, leavened with the wit of the characters. Apollo and the Midnighter meet for the first time in issue one. Most asked question: yes, they're still gay.

We're getting more and more into the mythology of Stormwatch, how it connects with the entire history of the DCU. This all comes to a head at the end of issue four, when the first four issues have been getting to know our characters during this huge battle against, you know, the moon. Stormwatch connects across to current DCU books, and back into the universe's history. But I don't mean in a crossover, event-led, way, I mean that you'll get extra joy if you read it alongside the rest of the DCU, not less if you don't. New readers can just walk in, at any point, actually, because we're doing 'previously' at the start of each issue.

 Thus Cornell is setting up nice storylines as well as reasons why Martian Manhunter is on the team and, for the first time, see the actual development of the relationship between Midnighter and Apollo; notoriously known as one of the most high profile gay super hero couples in comics.  Joining Cornell on this ride through with Stormwatch is rising superstar artist Miguel Sepulveda, who does art and cover for the issues. And confirmed as the new Stormwatch line up are: Martian Manhunter, Apollo, Midnighter, Jenny Q (a new incarnation of Jenny Sparks/Quantum), The Engineer, Jack Hawksmoor, The Projectionist, Harry Tanner (also know as the Eminence of Blades)  and leader, Adam One.
   Get ready as this new Stormwatch are going to show that they are definitely NOT heroes. Stormwatch #1 written by Paul Cornell with art by Miguel Sepulveda will hit stands September 7th. 


    Marvel's been steadily cranking out news for all their books, post Fear Itself, Schism, Spider Island . . . which are all going to end at the same time. Seriously . . . they are. As mentioned a couple of weeks ago, X-Men Regenesis is what Marvel is calling the relaunch of the X-Men titles after the end of Uncanny X-Men and X-Men Schism this October.
    On one side, Cyclops (possibly) will lead the Uncanny X-Men with what is rumored to be the strongest X-Men line up in history. On the other side, Wolverine will lead his own group of X-Men in what most rumors have said that the X-Men will return to the Mansion.
    With the brand new split coming between both teams, Marvel has been slowly releasing solicitations that shed some light on who will be on which team. And this is not the old Blue/Gold split for the sake of too many  X-Men. No . . . this is far different; with some major spoilers already being revealed by covers.  Brace yourselves cause things are a changing . . .

Cyclops's side:

Sebastian Shaw will be joining the X-Men and part of Generation Hope:

WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! . . . The former Black King that Emma recently mindwiped during the Uncanny X-Men's Quarrentine storyline is coming back and joining the next generation of mutants?! How? WHY? I admit I am intrigued . . . and a bit horrified.

Next up, Jubilee is staying with Cyclops and NOT leaving with Wolverine.

 Well, isn't this just a punch to the gut. Jubilee is one of Logan's many young mutants mentored by him over the years. And now she is gonna stay on Utopia with Cyclops. Well, points for Marvel for remembering that Jubliee is also connected to Emma, who trained her alongside the late Sean Cassidy in Generation X.  Yet, Jubilee is gonna be on the X-Men.

 Funny thing is that the next two pictures are ads and possible covers for Uncanny X-Men when it relaunches in November, not October like originally reported. (Sorry guys. My fault-Frankie)

The first image is interesting cause it was released about 2 to 3 weeks ago, implying that Cyclops would not be there. Shortly after rumors of him dying or disappearing at the end of Schism had begun to surface with even  writer Kieron Gillen implying that Cyclops may or may not survive.

This past week, Marvel released its latest solicitations for November with the second image, drawn by new Uncanny X-Men artist Carlos Pacheco, who is on his second tour with the X-Men as he drew "X-Men" back in the late 90s, early 2000, with Cyclops clearing pointing and leading his team . . . whoever they may be.

Although with the shadows behind Emma and  some of the shadows behind Cyclops, fans might have a couple of guess. Yet, before we can get into those guesses . . . here's a BIG draft pick for Cyclops's side.  


HOLY FRELL . . . It's Storm. Yes. As confirmed by the recent solicitations for the books in November, Storm is not just on the cover you see here, which is of X-Men #20 but also on another cover that will reveal several more members that I will post directly after this one.

Gillen and Marvel have hinted that Storm will be taking major roles in not just one X-Men book but two of them after the split in Schism, which is great cause Storm has blended into the background since her return to the X-Men.

By the way, she is indeed fighting War Machine there on the cover. Be careful Rhodey . . .you may have military training but Storm can control the weather and has taking down other mutants . . . without powers. Not to mention, I don't think her husband, T'Challa, would be happy to hear that you were man handling his wife. I'm just saying.

Things are gonna get crazy cause this is the cover of Generation Hope #13. And guess what . . . look who is on the cover? Most of Generation Hope confirmed to be staying alongside Hope Summers, the granddaughter of Scott Summers and daughter (adoptive daughter anyway) of Nathan Christopher Summers aka Cable.

And look who they are fighting . . .

Storm, who I just confirmed to be siding with Cyclops.

Magneto is staying with Cyclops, who I honestly can say is NOT a surprise. It looks like his shadow up there in the Uncanny X-Men posters from earlier.

But then TWO big surprise. First, that shadow in the first Uncanny X-Men posters/covers is not the Juggernaut but Colossus. Yes. Piotr Rasputin recently transformed into the new Juggernaut in Uncanny X-Men #542. And X-Men Editor Nick Lowe confirmed that this change was NOT going away anytime soon. So Piotr is STAYING with Cyclops. Which makes the last surprise of Cyclops side that much bigger . . .

Psylocke. The same Psylocke who is on Wolverine's secret X-Force team is switching over to Cyclops's side. The telepathic ninja has had a lot to deal with with her disdain for X-Force killing a child (who was the next host of Apocalypse) and then watching her lover, Archangel, revert into a killer and possible new host for Apocalypse . ..  Psylocke hasn't had it easy following Wolverine. Her recent kiss with Fantomex may be a deciding factor. Who knows? I guess we will find out, all the same.

And that is just on the Cyclops side.

Now, on the Wolverine Side of Things.

 Rogue is going over to Wolverine's side. And honestly, after the recent treatment of the Southern Belle since you went back to the X-Men during X-Men Legacy, we should not be surprise. Cyclops has not been always the best towards Rogue and even questioning her decisions. He even took Rogue off mentoring duties for Generation Hope.

Rogue has endured a lot but has grown exceptionally since Mike Carey has gotten his hands on her. It has also been rumored that she would be helping Wolverine lead his faction of X-Men come October.

Which leads into the next member of the X-Men going over to Wolverine's side.

The cover of  X-Men Legacy #259 reveals that Gambit is alongside the Southern Belle. And that is no real surprise considering their long time on again, off again romance. Gambit has been covering Rogue's back since his return to the X-Men.

Will their love finally get them together for good?

Yet, WHAT THE . . . Magneto is here too? What does that tell us? Is Magneto here as joining Wolverine's team too or is it a red herring considering he's on at least 3 different posters and covers for Cyclops's team. Or is this a set for him and Gambit's last showdown for Rogue's affection?

It certainly offers a lot of questions; especially so soon after their return from space to get Rachel Grey, Lorna Dane and Alex Summers aka Havok.

Which comes to what is the FINAL piece of teasers that confirm a character on Wolverine's team. Are you ready . . .


Wait . . .What?

But he's dead, you say. Shot to death.

You are not surprised you say. You knew they were gonna resurrect him you say?


Sort of. That is indeed Nightcrawler. But not the Nightcrawler from our universe. No . . . It seems that this Nightcrawler is a different one from the Age of Apocalypse universe. This Nightcrawler is far more dangerous and deadly then his 616 counterpart. Yet, kudos for Marvel for bringing back a character without cheapening the stories before.

So Nightcrawler, Rogue and Gambit are the only one's confirmed on Wolverine's side.

Just a few things to point out. Most of the shadows on Cyclops's side of Uncanny X-Men have already been revealed.

Yet, there have been few on Wolverine's side that have been revealed.

 I do want to point out a few things before we end this:

 First, notice the guy to the left of Wolverine and his energy signature. That is DEFNITELY Havok's energy signature. An long time X-Men fan knows what that looks like.  Secondly . . . we know that 9 times out of 10, where Havok goes, Polaris will be there with him.

Finally, that one shadow next to whoever is flying on Wolverines's back could very well be Iceman, who Marvel stated will indeed have a bigger role in the X-Men after Schism. But those three are speculation . . . although that is Havok's energy signature so Havok is joining up with Wolverine.

This still does not account for other X-Men like Kitty Pryde, Cannonball, Marvel Girl (Rachel Grey), Namor and more. We aren't even gonna start on teams like the New Mutants and X-Factor and how are they going to be affected. Makes you wonder what is going on . I guess we will find out come October and November as Regenesis will start and the X-Men may never be the same.


 Yes. You are reading right. CBC is doing a special project in honor of the massive relaunch of books from DC Comics this September. This is historic. And we want to know how you feel about the books. Yeah you! Not the person to the left. No, no the midget who stole your girlfriend. Not your parents. YOU!  DC is releasing 52 new number 1s as you know . . . and we want to hear for you what you think.

    We will go by a Week by Week Breakdown of the new titles. And we need your input. It can be a few sentences. It can be a video of your opinion that we can upload and/or link. But we are looking for as much input from fans about the books after you have read them.

    Comments and/or videos from books on a certain week will come out the week after they have been released . .. For example, Justice League opinions will be hit our page September 7th. Then every week after till the final week of new number #1s, which will be seen in the first week of October.

  We want your input. And we will take your input on more than just 1 book but at least 1. We want to have something for all 52 books so do hesitate to pick up a new #1 and tell us what you think. And don't worry, CBC and many of the J1 staff themselves will be weighing in their own opinions come September.

So if you are interested in take 1 book or more, reading it and giving us an honest opinion other than just "It's sucks!" or "It's awesome!", please feel free to email us at and state which book or books you will give opinions on. Deadline for opinion of the book is the Monday before the next CBC so for Week 1, you have until 11:59pm Monday September 5th to tell us what you think of Justice League #1 and next Monday till 11:59pm for all the books of Week Two.  J1 Studios and CBC will reserve the right NOT to post certain comments if they are too . . .offensive.  So don't be shy. Tell us what you think. See and talk with you all soon.

Frankie Rodriguez (aka Seraph)
CBC Head

See ya next week

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