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Welcome to the fourth edition of  CBC News. This week was comic-con and there is A LOT Of news so it will be split into multiple editions. Let's get things started.


     Released in Comic Con International (CCI), Matt Fraction revealed that one of the new titles spinning off events from Fear Itself will be a brand new Defenders title. The new title will be drawn by former Uncanny X-Men artist Terry Dobson as well as deal with some strange conspiracies and cosmic problems come December. The new Defenders team will feature Namor, Dr. Strange, Red She-Hulk, Silver Surfer and Iron Fist for starters.
     The opening story will see the Hulk as these Defenders for help . . . which, if you remember that Dr. Strange voted to have Hulk shot into space for the now classic "Planet: Hulk" story, fought Silver Surfer during it and dealt with Namor . . . this is not easy for the Hulk at all. Coming along this time is Betty Banner aka Red She-Hulk as well as . . . unknown at this moment reason why . . . Iron Fist.
   Matt Fraction comments on the new book and how it is out of his comfort zone:

I'm going out of my comfort zone. The issues are are all self-contained or two to three issue arcs. We've got very short stories that are very different month to month. Things in 'Defenders' are constantly moving. . . The line-up is going to expand and contract as our cosmic conspiracy grows. Over the course of our first story the characters come together to help Hulk and they basically tug on a thread of a sweater that is very big, very weird and very mind boggling. As that sweater starts to unravel, they discover that they need people to help them. As they acquire more associates, each with their own unique expertise, the book acquires more of a cast. So it's fun and it's a chance to keep things expanding, evolving and challenging. This book never settles. Its structure is very different. The flexibility and freedom with the cast lets me tell a variety of stories.

 So while those 5 will be the core, other cast members will come and go; providing a plethora of ideas, guests and skills to go with the varieties of stories that Fraction and Dobson will dish out. As the The Defenders deal with the ongoing uncovering of a massive conspiracy, other stories will fit in to blend some great stories from the team. Plus, Fraction hinted at following up along storylines from Bendis's New Avengers and the now defunct Immortal Iron Fist series.
    And with the eclectic cast who are very different from each other, this incarnation of The Defenders may be around for a long time to come.

   The Defenders # 1 written by Matt Fraction and art by Terry Dobson  will hit stores this December.


   Bill Willingham has entertained readers for nearly a decade now with the Vertigo cult classic book, Fables. Well, as that series continues to feed its rabidly loyal fanbase, a new, ongoing spinoff is coming to fruition, as Willingham gave details at this years CCI for the new book, Fairest.
   Fairest is commented to be a series that will follow any Fable that could be considered fairest in the land which includes Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and more. The series will feature different creative teams as Willingham had commented that the book would be "a series of miniseries within a series."
   The new ongoing's first story will be written by Fables writer and creator, Bill Willingham with art by fan favorite artist, Phil Jimenez. Covers will be done by comics legend Adam Hughes.
   Fairest will begin with a story that will start over in Fables #107, dealing with Sleeping Beauty. It was also hinted by Willingham  that Sinbad would soon return to the pages of Fairest, either the second or third issue of the new ongoing. The new book is slated to debut this fall.


The award winning writer behind Marvel's Runaways, Vertigo's Y the Last Man and Ex Machina is coming back to comics with a brand new project by Fiona Staples and himself called Saga. The Sci fi epic takes a young family and throws them into a new intergalactic war. This long running series will definitely not be for the faint at heart as Vaughn commented that:

It's family-oriented, but not family friendly.

The new series goes into detail about this family and their new surroundings. Enjoying Staples style when they worked together, Vaughn knew he wanted to work with her on Saga. Saga is slated to hit sleeves early 2012.


 The 80's cult classic tv show will see new life in an all new miniseries coming next summer. MacGyver: Fugitive Gauntlet . Written by tv series creator Lee David Zlotoff and comic writer Tony Lee, they set out to bring Lee's dream of writing the character to life in the miniseries.
    Lee revealed very little about the plot but he did issue this statement for the upcoming miniseries:

I don't want to give too much away, but there's a gauntlet that MacGyver has to run, and he does it as a fugitive, hence the title. Let's just say that someone with an axe to grind decides to play a game with him. He has to live out a week while every hitman in town is after him. 

  Alongside that problem, MacGyver has to figure out who put the price on his head and do his best to avoid the hitmen after him for a week. It starts at a seven million dollar bounty for his head and goes down each day; leading the hitmen wanting to kill MacGyver sooner rather than later.
    The miniseries, written by Zlotoff & Lee with art by Becky Cloonan will hit sleeves Summer 2012.


  Yep. You read that title right? And it is not a hoax. Not a dream. Confirmed during Comic con, Legion of Super Heroes will end up teaming with members of the original crew of the Enterprise as Star Trek/Legion of Super Heroes 6 issue miniseries will set a course for amazing come October. IDW will print the crossover alongside DC which is being written by Chris Roberson with art by Jeffrey & Phillip Moy. And Roberson was surprised about the project to say the least, as described to CBR:

When Chris Ryall (IDW CCO) first approached me about the job a couple months ago, I thought it was a prank.I thought one of my friends had put him up to it. Because there's no crossover concept more perfectly targeted at me, as a fan, than 'Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes.' Luckily I didn't screw it up. I played along. But honestly, not until I sat down and had a meeting with Ted Adams, the head of IDW, and said, 'Come on, this isn't real, is it?' did they finally convince me.

 Roberson took the job and constructed a tale as the 23 Century crew of the Enterprise head back to Earth, a teleporter accident brings 6 members of the Legion of Super Heroes to meet 6 members of the Enterprise. After that, both groups find that the universe has change quite a bit and look for the source of this reality merging crisis. And expect some great interactions between Cosmic Boy & Kirk, Lightning Lad & Dr. McCoy and of course Brainiac 5 & Spock.
     The Moys have no problem drawing both, as they have done Trek comics and Legionnaries in their careers; making them the best choice for the crossover according to Roberson.And covers will be done by various creators.
    Star Trek/Legion of Super Heroes #1 written by Chris Roberson with art by Jeffrey & Phillip Moy will hit stores this October.


    This segment is where we take something from comics . . . one simple picture that will make you go WOW, EWW or WTF!  Our first picture this week . . .

And NO . . .THAT IS NOT BEN RIELLY  . . . OR A HOAX! Sorry Hector.


 Yes. You are reading right. CBC is doing a special project in honor of the massive relaunch of books from DC Comics this September. This is historic. And we want to know how you feel about the books. Yeah you! Not the person to the left. No, no the midget who stole your girlfriend. Not your parents. YOU!  DC is releasing 52 new number 1s as you know . . . and we want to hear for you what you think.

    We will go by a Week by Week Breakdown of the new titles. And we need your input. It can be a few sentences. It can be a video of your opinion that we can upload and/or link. But we are looking for as much input from fans about the books after you have read them.

    Comments and/or videos from books on a certain week will come out the week after they have been released . .. For example, Justice League opinions will be hit our page September 7th. Then every week after till the final week of new number #1s, which will be seen in the first week of October.

  We want your input. And we will take your input on more than just 1 book but at least 1. We want to have something for all 52 books so do hesitate to pick up a new #1 and tell us what you think. And don't worry, CBC and many of the J1 staff themselves will be weighing in their own opinions come September.

So if you are interested in take 1 book or more, reading it and giving us an honest opinion other than just "It's sucks!" or "It's awesome!", please feel free to email us at and state which book or books you will give opinions on. Deadline for opinion of the book is the Monday before the next CBC so for Week 1, you have until 11:59pm Monday September 5th to tell us what you think of Justice League #1 and next Monday till 11:59pm for all the books of Week Two.  J1 Studios and CBC will reserve the right NOT to post certain comments if they are too . . .offensive.  So don't be shy. Tell us what you think. See and talk with you all soon.

Frankie Rodriguez (aka Seraph)
CBC Head



The J1 Culture Force is having their 1st official MONTHLY 
J1 An-Ex (Anime Experience)!!

You remember us from our Anime Events, but since we are growing/changing I figured we should get a new name as well.

It’s going to be at the Hawthorne Recreation Center (in Philadelphia, PA) on 12th and Carpenter St., which is six blocks down from South St. and two blocks East of Broad St. (near where CAPA and McDonald's are located)

$2 AT THE DOOR (free for children under 12).

- art for sale (commissions as well)
- food
- comics and action figures
- Yugi-Oh cards
- Prizes

Things to expect:
-Anime to watch
-Commissioned artists
-Accessories/Jewelry for sale
-3DS Streetpass Meeting
-Card battles are welcome (Yugi-Oh, Naruto, Pokemon and Magic)
-Cosplay contest
-$2 Raffle
-PSP and DS players are welcome
-Comic books, graphic novels and manga for sale

Hopefully we'll see you there!

That is all for this week. Next week . . . More on New Ultimate Spidey, Silvestri & Aaron on Incredible Hulk and More. 

And to steal the line from fellow CBCer Hector Ramirez, remember all, Keep Clashing!! 

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