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First thing I’d like to do is lay the rumors to rest while the Incredible Hulk is starting over from #1 with a new creative team it is not a complete overhaul it is a continuation. The new book is taking a new direction with new characters and, get this, an actual confrontation between Banner and the Hulk. That’s right Bruce Banner and the Hulk are separated into two separate entities and end up at odds with each other. While new characters are being introduced into the storyline and others are still around from the most recent run of the title this upcoming story arc is focused mainly on the conflict between Banner and the Hulk but don’t expect a boring one sided story it mixes it up with new friends, enemies, frenemies etc.
I’m not really a Hulk reader myself but the new story arc has peaked my interest the thought of Banner going up against the Hulk in person it just sent up a beacon and the new characters mentioned definitely got my attention. So am I going to pick these titles up? They might find their way onto my reading list. Would I recommend it to others. All depends on your preference if this blurb doesn’t convince you be sure to check out my review.

Incredible Hulk #1 written by Jason Aaron with art by Marc Silvestri will hit stores this October. 


So I’m going to be honest I have never a day in my life picked up an issue of DeadPool so I may not really have much to say about this but I will say what I can.
So here’s the deal one of Wade’s enemies has been collecting his severed body parts and keeping them on ice so that she could put them all together to create an evil version of the loud mouthed merc. So in DeadPool #45 we get to see this creepy creation in action so all you DeadPool fans look out for that.
This is definitely a book I’m planning on picking up question being will it keep me in the DeadPool reading business I guess we’ll see.

Deadpool #45 written by Daniel Way with art by Salvador Espin will hit stores this October.


Bluewater productions is getting into the Superhero comic book business. The company is taking on their own "shared universe", giving fresh new ideas and concepts behind heroes of various mythologies for this new line of comics. This jump from biographical comics to superhero fiction comes to a surprise to many; yet Line Editor AE Stueve (from The Legend of Isis fame) is more than happy to be letting Bluewater shine their light in another aspect of comicdom.
       The new line will being with the comic called The Wave #0. Following that will be a slew of new ongoings by the company including: Hercules, Artemis and Orion, which AE Stueve is also writing.

AE Stueve commented on a Press release that he gave out late last week about the new line of comics:
"These comics will show the world that Bluewater Productions is not just about biography and property comics, but it can produce well written, beautifully drawn superhero stories as well. I think what the coolest thing though is that we are using the 'shared universe' formula familiar to fans of Marvel and DC, but right now we don't have a convoluted back-story of characters who, in some cases, have been around for nearly 100 years. That's not to say that it wouldn't be cool to create characters that are so awesome that in nearly 100 years the universe they share will be a convoluted mess. Because that would be cool. But hey, why not mention in our PR announcement one of the best advantages we've got over several other superhero comics these days?"


 Yes. You are reading right. CBC is doing a special project in honor of the massive relaunch of books from DC Comics this September. This is historic. And we want to know how you feel about the books. Yeah you! Not the person to the left. No, no the midget who stole your girlfriend. Not your parents. YOU!  DC is releasing 52 new number 1s as you know . . . and we want to hear for you what you think.

    We will go by a Week by Week Breakdown of the new titles. And we need your input. It can be a few sentences. It can be a video of your opinion that we can upload and/or link. But we are looking for as much input from fans about the books after you have read them.

    Comments and/or videos from books on a certain week will come out the week after they have been released . .. For example, Justice League opinions will be hit our page September 7th. Then every week after till the final week of new number #1s, which will be seen in the first week of October.

  We want your input. And we will take your input on more than just 1 book but at least 1. We want to have something for all 52 books so do hesitate to pick up a new #1 and tell us what you think. And don't worry, CBC and many of the J1 staff themselves will be weighing in their own opinions come September.

So if you are interested in take 1 book or more, reading it and giving us an honest opinion other than just "It's sucks!" or "It's awesome!", please feel free to email us at and state which book or books you will give opinions on. Deadline for opinion of the book is the Monday before the next CBC so for Week 1, you have until 11:59pm Monday September 5th to tell us what you think of Justice League #1 and next Monday till 11:59pm for all the books of Week Two.  J1 Studios and CBC will reserve the right NOT to post certain comments if they are too . . .offensive.  So don't be shy. Tell us what you think. See and talk with you all soon.

Frankie Rodriguez (aka Seraph)
CBC Head



The J1 Culture Force is having their 1st official MONTHLY 
J1 An-Ex (Anime Experience)!!

You remember us from our Anime Events, but since we are growing/changing I figured we should get a new name as well.

It’s going to be at the Hawthorne Recreation Center (in Philadelphia, PA) on 12th and Carpenter St., which is six blocks down from South St. and two blocks East of Broad St. (near where CAPA and McDonald's are located)

$2 AT THE DOOR (free for children under 12).

- art for sale (commissions as well)
- food
- comics and action figures
- Yugi-Oh cards
- Prizes

Things to expect:
-Anime to watch
-Commissioned artists
-Accessories/Jewelry for sale
-3DS Streetpass Meeting
-Card battles are welcome (Yugi-Oh, Naruto, Pokemon and Magic)
-Cosplay contest
-$2 Raffle
-PSP and DS players are welcome
-Comic books, graphic novels and manga for sale

Hopefully we'll see you there!

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