Wednesday, September 7, 2011

CBC DCnU SPECIAL # 1 - What we thought of JUSTICE LEAGUE #1

 With the historic relaunch of DC Comics now underway, we took some time out this week to give you all a look at some of the views on the new Justice League #1 by people throughout the country. Here are some opinions, as well as opinions from members of the CBC crew. So, sit back, relax and read on. Please NOTE, the following statements will contain spoilers.

From CBC’s own Hector Ramirez:

Well, I just picked up my copy of Justice League #1 last weekend I can say I was rather impressed. Decent art, good story, tremendous ending. I love how they started out with the heroes as unknown vigilantes that didn’t even trust each other. The cops were going full force against all costumes it was awesome. One thing I hated was Hal friggin’ Jordan!!! He was such an arrogant prick and what up with him talking in third person. Those last few pages were priceless that red blue and green blur when Clark knocked Hal down a few pegs and the last page revealing his new costume, loved it!!!

D. Jones from NYC

  I read JL #1 Ehhhh I was a little underwhelmed. I cant remember who it was in one of the other post who said that it should have been an 80 page special but yes, it should have been. I know the new thing is to make the story last over 5-6 issues so it fits easily in TPB but if you are really introducing these characters for the first time it felt like you relied to much on my past knowledge of them. . . . I said earlier that for the flagship book it should have been longer. It's got nothing to do with trying to show the differences between characters or anything, it has to do with taking forever to tell a story. And . . .  it does seem that many writers have a very 1950's mindset when it comes to speaking to kids which i never understand cause these little mofo's are WAY more advance than us 

D. Franklin from Baltimore, MD

Yeah, I expected more from a debut issue. There were some neat moments, like GL scoffing at Batman's lack of powers and then Batman proving him wrong. But it def would have benefited from more pages and story!

C. Smith from Michigan

Sure . . . Batman and Hal have always had their clashes in ideology . . .  for this to be the flagship book that's launching a new universe that you desperately need to be accepted, there should have been more. You can't even use the argument that the price point would be too high. It was the second of only 2 books that came out this week for the company. . . The story was so color by numbers it should have been in the activities aisle in Toys R Us. It was entirely cliche and below the standards of the industry today. If they were going for an all-ages feel, then, this would have been just fine. Maybe that was the intended goal. However, kids are a lot more advanced than writers want to credit.  . . If they wanted this story to have teeth and justify the pacing, and also add needed characterization without the need of dialogue, we should have seen the entire arrival of the parademons. Batman in shadow reacting to the event. Green Lantern doing the same and then their crossing paths. You would have established suspense. You could have shown just how Batman is perceived as myth by him working in shadow, barely seen through most of the comic until the end. I'm really beginning to question if Geoff Johns is just burnt out. His writing has been subpar of late.

G. Williams from New York

Justice League is interesting, but I'm a bit guarded about it since it is starting 5 years ago as well as restarting Cyborg without him joining the Titans first. Of what I see of the costumes so far, I have no objection. Batman fits him and his personality. Superman's is okay but I am confused about why they choose to make it armor. I feel that it may simply be for effect. I think that it will take a few months until we get acclimated to the new personalities of these characters. We have been reading them for so long but it is DC's goal to shake things up so that it will open new stories for them.

And Finally, CBC Head - Frankie "Seraph" Rodriguez:

     I have to admit that this was by far one of the better debut issues. I honestly did not find anything wrong with it. It helped show us a little of this new universe and how things started. The interplay between Batman and Hal Jordon was priceless. The fact that they were only 2 of the 7 members to be featured in the book having a lot of screen time did not bother me at all. It actually helped us established who these characters are at this point and time. 
     With super heroes just starting to rise, it set up a lot for us to come with the big bad being mentioned, the beginning of Cyborg's origin and how Batman and Green Lantern meet Superman . . . which leads directly to the next issue.
   I think it was a fast read . . . not too short. It gave readers enough to be intrigued and entertained while giving us some basic outlooks on the characters, personalities and setting up for the formation of the league, Cyborg's origin and the League's first big bad. Lee and Williams gave a tour de force in terms of art. It has never looked better. And to everyone who is whining about the costumes . . . Look at Superman at the last page of JL #1 and tell me he did NOT look awesome . . .and I will call you a liar. 
   A great beginning for Johns and Lee.

And that is all the opinions this week. Next week . . .we will cover all 12 books of the DCnU with our opinions and the opinions of you, the fans all over the country. If you want to give us your opinion on any of the 51 books left to be released, feel free to contact us at or follow us on facebook under J1 studios. 

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And we will see you next week. 

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