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 Welcome to News Edition 10. And now we get into it will new comic book news.


   A while back, Marvel announced that writers Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuiness were working on a project, tentatively titled at the time 'Cable Reborn.' Yet ..  . there has been more details and a title change. Cable returns to Marvel but not right back to the X-titles. No . . . Cable returns in Avengers: X-Sanction.
   Yes, Loeb and McGuiness come back after their stunning Hulk run with this new miniseries in which Cable returns from the future. His goal . . . well, it seemingly unclear but it looks as if Cable is gonna take out the Avengers. And as Loeb puts it, this has ties to 'Messiah Complex' and 'Second Coming', where Nathan has done his best to protect his daughter, Hope Summers.

Jeph Loeb offered:

how Cable survived 'Messiah Complex' and 'Second Coming' -- and I do consider those one big arc -- if there had been even a hint that the Avengers had something to do with Hope's future, he would... do something to them. . . .What you really want to know is that this man's daughter is in danger, and he will do anything to protect her -- that's all you need to know"

Tom Brevoort added:

Cable knows he's going to do battle with the Avengers, so he comes loaded for bear.

 As Marvel stated, Cable will only have 24 hours to take out the Avengers in order to seemingly to protect Hope Summers  This historic confrontation will have some interesting reactions . . . especially futurist Tony Stark, whose had very little interaction with Cable. Will Cable meet with his deadly mission and what will his daughter and the Avengers think? Loeb & Brevoort also stated that this mini series will set up things for the Marvel Universe for 2012. Avengers: X-Sanction will hit stores this December.


JT Krul this past Monday announced that he is stepping off Green Arrow. As of issue 4, legendary writer/artist Keith Giffen (who is also co writing & drawing OMAC) will join GA artist Dan Jurgens as writers for Green Arrow. The decision was made this monday as Sunday night, Krul had stated that he had a tough choice in his tweeter; which he reiterated later on his facebook:

Hey everyone! Effective as of issue #4, I will no longer be writing Green Arrow. As many of you know, Oliver Queen is one of my favorite characters in the DC Universe, so this decision was not easy to make. Getting the chance to do the fall of Green Arrow and my run during Brightest Day was a dream come true, and I was excited to bring a new yet familiar take on Green Arrow in the new 52. But, I’ve been writing him for a few years now and an opportunity came up that I really wanted to tackle. I had to make a choice. In a way, my decision to leave is more a testament to how incredibly thrilled I am about Captain Atom. I don’t think I’ve been more excited about a project. Working with Freddie Williams is amazing and I really think it’s among my best work at DC to date. It was a tough call – like picking a favorite child.
I can’t talk about my new project just yet, but it perfectly exemplifies what DC is all about with the New 52 – taking the best characters in comics and presenting them in new and exciting ways. The ability to think outside the box, take chances, and tell different kinds of stories is why it’s a great time to be writing for DC Comics.
For sure, I’ll miss Oliver Queen – and working with the likes of Dan Jurgens, George Perez, David Baron, and Dave Wilkins – but I’m sure the Emerald Archer will be in good hands for more globe-trotting, James Bond, high adventures.
And, at the very least, I got to include my version of the boxing-glove arrow.

So JT will continue on with Captain Atom and a new DC project that they have yet to reveal. Then there has been some interesting changes as John Rozum, just last week, was announced to be leaving Static Shock. He said that he was willing to leave and that there was no bad blood between him and DC. So . . . another secret DC project, perhaps? (if it is . . . please GOD, let DC bring back Xombi). There were rumors of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning were leaving Resurrection Man but those proved to be false. Then there were also rumors of Eddy Barrows & Kyle Higgins leaving Nightwing; which come out to be untrue.There are artist filling in for others or taking over for the 4th month of the relaunch; such as Mike Choi doing the majority of the art alongside Diogenes Nieves in Demon Knights #4 or Victor Ibenez filling in for Yanick Paquette for Swamp Thing for issue #4. Yet . . . there are other books that will have other artists and we are not sure it is just fill ins or permanent changes. We will follow up with this story as time passes.
   Overall though, DC seems to be keeping their word on make sure their books are timely and that they keep the creative teams fresh. And there is the recent announcement of the new The RAY miniseries with art by fan favorite Jamal Igle but more on that next week.


  The popular graphic novel, The Last Battle will finally be hitting American shores this December. Image Comics has translated the graphic novel into English and prep it for it's American release. The Last Battle depicts the war between the armies of the barbaric Gaul and Ceasar himself. Written by Tito Faraci, he gave some insight on how The Last Battle came to be:

"The 'peplum' or 'sword and sandals' genre was very popular in Italy, mostly in the seventies," said Faraci. "As a child my imagination was formed by the gladiators, centurions, slaves, rebels and charming maidservants of those films. As a student, I studied, learning how the ancient world truly was... and found it fascinating. In THE LAST BATTLE, I tried to transmit the 'peplum' emotions of my youth with a correct, trustworthy historical approach."

 Rich with Celtic and Roman history, the book displays the struggle and whether Calius Rodius, favored General to Ceasar, wants to keep this long road of blood and destruction. The 80 paged graphic novel, the Last Battle, written by Tito Faraci with art by Dan Brereton will hit stores in December for $7.99.


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