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Welcome to the 9th Edition of CBC News. Let's Hit the ground running.


    For the last several months, horror fans have had the joy and rapture of reading many of their favorite franchises as new miniseries or even ongoings. BOOM! Studios recognized this right away as they launched the new Hellraiser ongoing, written by Christopher Monfette and Hellraiser creator and prolific writer Clive Barker himself.
   As assured to many readers before the first issue of the new ongoing launched, everything that happens within the new Hellraiser ongoing is IN CONTINUITY by Barker himself. The first 4 issue set up the ongoing as the second arc within the ongoing is about to begin. Here's a solicitation for Hellraiser #5:

BRAND NEW ARC! Great jumping-on point for new readers. One of the greatest horror franchises of all time returns, now under the control of its original creator! Clive Barker has touched HELLRAISER only twice: once to write THE HELLBOUND HEART, and once more to write and direct the original HELLRAISER film. Now witness Barker’s long-awaited return to tell a new chapter in the series’ official continuity—a trajectory that will forever change the Cenobites…and Pinhead! Kirsty Cotton faces her greatest foes…both new and old. And Pinhead is her greatest fear! But what could he have planned for her?

Hellraiser # 5 will hit stores September 14th, 2011, with art by Jesus Hervas and written by Clive Barker & Christopher Monfette for $3.99.


Honestly, it's a trailer you have to see to believe with the brand new series; the first issue out now.

Feast your eyes and check it out now.


    DC Comics started this journey not long ago. Back in the beginning of June, fans got the announcement from DC that they were going to relaunch their ENTIRE line. Every book was going to start again with # 1 starting in September. Well, it's September. And while many people were skeptical about this 'soft reboot' coined by some . ..  it seems to be working.
    Many of the new books have sold out all over the world. Not just one or two but a good chunk of the new books have been selling out.
  Justice League International # 1, Batgirl # 1, Action Comics # 1, Animal Man # 1, Hawk & Dove # 1, Detective Comics #1 and next weeks Batman & Robin #1 have already sold out! Batgirl, JLI, Hawk & Dove and Action Comics # 1 will receive second printings with a possibility that Animal Man, Detective Comics, and Batman & Robin not far behind them.
   What is even crazier is that Justice League # 1 has sold out . . . TWICE. Yes. You heard me . ..  . TWICE. Justice League# 1s second printing is already sold out and going in for a third. DC Comics' hard work and advertisements seem to be paying off as many new faces are popping in and getting comics. So far, DC's plan to help sell their line and revitalize comic books are work. And Marvel is listening as they have been aggressively started their own campaign to sell their books themselves.
   With 3 more weeks of books coming out (one of those books already selling out), what will happen next? And which books will join them for sell out status. You'll get more on these developments as the relaunch continues.

THIS JUST IN: As of late Monday, September 12th, DC and Diamond distribution released that ALL 27 titles from Justice League #1 to Action Comics # 1 to Animal Man # 1 to all 13 number #1s coming in today (September 14th, 2011) are sold out based on numbers and the other 26 issues will be receiving 2nd printings.
     How is that for historic? 27 sell outs. That is unprecedented. More of this relaunch and the effects it has on the industry as we continue to cover it.


    Spinning out of the now to be ongoing Misadventures of Adam West, the legendary Batman for the campy 60s tv series; former Catwoman from the same show, Julie Newmar, will soon have a brand new miniseries to join it. The Secret Lives of Julie Newmar. The new miniseries, debuting in February 2012, will feature the actress going from her back yard one minute and then dropped into a laboratory in a different time the next. She must accept the mission to stop Dr. Vertigo and his assistant Onyx from destroying the space/time continuum or she will never see her time again. Being forced to join the organization known as Hour Glass, she is fitted with a micro chip that lets her travel through time; taking on different missions through time to reflect different points in the actresses life.
   Written by Marc Shapiro, who is working closely with Newmar on the project. Art duties are being handled by Cindy Mehrich. Marc comments on his excitement on the project:

"This series has been have been so much fun to do. And it is an homage to the kinds of stories that first appeared in the mid-60's. 'Secret Lives' is just a straightforward adventure that will entertain all ages." 

The Secret Lives of Julie Newmar hits stores February 2012.


   The popular character that spawned movies and serials from the near beginning of movies and television returns in comic book format this November by Dynamite Entertainment. The new series, Flash Gordon: Zeitgeist will grace stands, written by Eric Trautmann with art by Daniel Lindo. And the first issue will hit comic shops . . . for a dollar. No. I am not joking. Dynamite Entertainment is giving us a new Flash Gordon series and its first issue is a dollar. $1.00. American.  As for the story:
The year is 1934, a time of two-fisted swashbuckling, of fearsome threats and wild adventure-and of ever-growing threats on the horizon.
Three valiant humans -- Flash Gordon, Dale Arden and Dr. Hans Zarkov -- are plucked from the Earth, traveling to the distant planet Mongo. Their exploits are legendary, battling the machinations and terror schemes of the dreaded emperor Ming, the All-Seeing Ruler of Mongo. But they did not fight alone...

Flash Gordon: Zeitgeist # 1 written by Eric Trautmann with art by Daniel Lindo will hit stores in November for $1.00.  


 There have been teasers. They're has been solicitations. There has been a lot of build up for Schism and so far . . . it seems to be delivering. The split between mutantkind, particularly the X-Men, has been coming for a while and Marvel has been teasing us, cause we are fans just like you all, for a while now about the new line ups for the mutants that will stay with Cyclops in Utopia while showing the Mutants that will go along with Wolverine once Schism ends in October.
    It's been revealed with the split, the X titles will split . . . having X-Men and Uncanny X-Men stay with Cyclops while X-Men Legacy and the new Wolverine & the X-Men deal with Logan's mutants. It has been confirmed that most of the New Mutants and Generation Hope will side with Scott Summers; while on the other side with Wolverine is Uncanny X-Force and X-Factor; Honestly, both those titles seem naturally against Cyclops with Wolverine leading X-Force while X-Factor has had a long standing issue with Cyclops, Emma Frost and others since Civil War.
   With shadows here and there of members of both sides slowly being revealed for the past month. FINALLY, we get the scoop on the rosters for both sides.

As you can see, most of Generation Hope stays but Sebastian Shaw seemingly joins them.

Over in New Mutants, the team stands of: X-Man, Dani Moonstar, Cypher, Sunspot, Magma & Warlock.

Finally, the Cyclops's X-Men: Cyclops, Emma Frost, Coloss-naut (coined by a friend), Magik (who graduates up), Magneto, Danger, Storm, Domino, Psylocke, Jubilee & Warpath.

Suprised to see Psylocke, Jubliee and Warpath with Cyclops but you never know. And Scott's 'son' and 'granddaughter' side with him.

 Over in Uncanny X-Force, we see AOA Nightcrawler coming in and am pretty sure it was his tail we saw in the Bachalo cover. Which is kinda awesome . . . having Kurt back without demeaning the original's sacrifice. And it seems Psylocke is doing double duty.

In X-Factor ..  . that is a BIG roster. And I love it. But David has said he is gonna kill at least one member before Havok & Polaris come back to the fold and we will see everyone in #230. So, Havok, Polaris, Wolfsbane, Madrox, Strong Guy, Banshee, M, Layla Miller, Rictor, Shatterstar & Longshot will get together for the first and possibly last time. And bad enough that one of their members could very well be techinically dead . .. read X-Factor to know what I mean.

And finally, Wolverine's team of X-Men looks very strong: Wolverine, Beast, Rogue, Gambit, Iceman, Frenzy, Quetin Quire ( I know, I'm surprised too), Toad ( I think), Rachel Grey, Shadowcat (about time Rachel & Kitty were on the same team again), Lockheed and someone who I do NOT recognize in the background.

Cyclops team seems to be very much power while Wolverine's team seem to have a nice mix. The philosophical divide also divides the Summers family in half . . . cause while Nate Grey and Hope Summers stay with Cyclops, Alex Summers, Lorna Dane and Rachel Grey are going with Logan and Kitty. And I honestly believe that Kitty and Rogue may very well be helping Logan lead his side.

I guess we will find out come October & November, won't we? And that's the low down on X-Men Regenesis.


   We are looking for people's opinions. We are looking for Your opinions for any and all of the books of the DC Comics Relaunch number #1s, the new Ultimate Spiderman, X-Men Regenesis and recent rise in indy books. We want your feed back. Just give us a paragraph to a page of your own views on any of theses and we will post them in up coming specials here at Comic Book Clash.

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