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Welcome to this special Thanksgiving edition of CBC News Edition. We got a lot of new news. Let's get to it.


    By Frankie Rodriguez

     Marvel is continuing a very, very frightening trend with their books. Two weeks ago, we reported at least 5 titles getting cancelled or scrubbed completely from Marvel. And it seems that there is a lot more to come. And  brace yourselves cause these will not be pretty:

 Black Panther: The Most Dangerous Man Alive will see it's final issue in February with #529. It will feature a final show down between T'Challa and the Kingpin by acclaimed writer David Liss.

  Ghost Rider, the second title written by Rob Williams, who was also writing Iron Man 2.0 which is also getting cancelled; is being cancelled in February as well with issue #8. Yet, rumors are already abuzz about a relaunch of the title after the new Ghost Rider movie.

 Punisher:MAX by Jason Aaron & Garth Ennis will come to it's blood stained conclusion in February issue #22, although Aaron states in his twitter that Aaron always intended on ending the title on this issue.

       X-23 by writer Marjorie Liu, and the ONLY CURRENT FEMALE LEAD TITLE IN MARVEL, is getting cancelled with January's issue #20. Yet, don't fear as X-23 will joining the main cast of Avengers Academy.

 And Surprisingly, announced this morning by Marvel EIC, Axel Alonso, Daken: Dark Wolverine, the third title that is being cancelled from writer Rob Williams, will eventually be ending.

David Liss said on his Twitter:

Sadly the news is true. Our Black Panther run ends in February with #529. But keep reading until the end. It's going to be a wild ride!

 With all this and the titles reported to be ending 2 weeks ago, that makes 2 miniseries cancelled before they were released, 1 title going from miniseries to ongoing then back to miniseries,  1 series ending as planned and 6 titles that are going to be cancelled due to low sales.
  Yet, with all these, Marvel is not printing less issues in February. On the contrary, they will be printing MORE issues with at least 17 titles getting 2 issues in February (All the X-titles but Astonishing, The Avengers family & others), Amazing Spiderman getting 3 issues in February and Venom getting 4, yes 4 issues for February, as reported from The Bleeding Cool.
   Will this biweekly trend of higher selling issues continue to make up for lost profits to DC and their relaunch? No one knows for sure but this definitely seems to be a very frightening trend. And what happens when other titles do the same numbers but their bottom line changes?
   We'll been keeping an eye on Marvel in 2012 for more of their changes and tactics to come.


 The Following is the official press release from Image Comics:

IMAGE EXPO is coming! Experience the creativity of the men and women making the best creator owned comics in America at this one-of-a-kind celebration commemorating the 20th Anniversary of Image Comics!
IMAGE EXPO is a three-day celebration of creator-owned comics happening at the Oakland Convention Center.  Image partners Robert Kirkman, Erik Larsen, Todd McFarlane, Marc Silvestri, and Jim Valentino, will be the guests of honor, appearing throughout the weekend for signings, panels, and special events.  Other special guests include Image founders Rob Liefeld, and Whilce Portacio, plus the creators of today's best creator-owned comics, including: Joe Casey, Jay Faerber, Jonathan Hickman, Ryan Ottley, Richard Starkings, Fiona Staples, and Brian K. Vaughan.
IMAGE EXPO is Northern California's premiere comic con experience in 2012. The three-day event takes place at the Oakland Convention Center in the heart of the bustling nightlife and restaurant center of downtown Oakland, CA on February 24-25-26.
IMAGE EXPO isn't just about Image Comics, it's a celebration of independent creativity in comics.  The exhibit floor is open to anyone who makes creator-owned comics.  We're also going to be hosting unique programming for fans, aspiring creators, and library professionals.  We'll be continuing our tradition of supporting the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund's important work to protect creators and retailers by hosting special events including a massive benefit auction. 
Get in on the ground floor and sign up for your exhibitor or artist alley space today! Contact for more information about the show and how to sign up to exhibit.

  This can be seen as perfect timing for the leading independent comic book company. Image is allowing as many indy artist come. So this is truly a celebration of independent comics and its creators, who have seemed to gotten a good grip of readers now. More of this landmark event and celebration as information becomes available.


A Preview of Issue # 4 of Static Shock, the final issue written by John Rozum. Trailer by Static Shock artist & co-writer Scott McDaniel.


by Frankie Rodriguez

    Last month, it was announced by DC that they would release over 100 graphic novels and trades exclusively for Amazon's Kindle Fire. The exclusive agreement was met with a warm reception . . . more like a hot round of hatred with Barnes & Noble cutting most of DC's books from their racks and counting it with an exclusive deal with Marvel Comics and their new Nook releasing hundreds of digital content for it. Well, now full details of the deal between DC and Amazon have been released and it can very well be a very large push for the company in the digital comic book market.
     This past Tuesday, DC and Amazon opened a dedicated storefront of DC on, making it the first comic book company to digitally sell their stuff on the internet in such a manner. Books, trades and graphic novels are all available digitally for the new storefront. This only adds to the power and appear of the new Kindle Fire which will be directly connected to the DC storefront when sold.
  DC's Senior VP of Digital Hank Kanalz stated the pricing of the graphic novels and trades were based on the content, the print price and how old the content was. The new storefront will have the DC products in your choice of digital or print. Yes. You can get single issues, trades, graphic novels and more in the new DC Store front on Kanalz also stated that those 100 graphic novels will be expanded more and more as time passes.
    The DC Storefront in is on the site now.

Well, to everyone out there, Thank you for your support. Happy Birthday!!

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